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Four Unusual Father’s Day Gifts

While many go with the boring “tie” gift for Father’s Day, they overlook the fact that there are many gifts out there aimed at dads. In fact, some of them are extremely unique… and perhaps unusual or unconventional to gift. But, if you have a fun dad with a good sense of humor who could use something different, we think gifting one of these unusual gifts would add humor and excitement to your father’s special day.

Tame the Beast Anti-Aging Skin Serum

While most focus on anti-aging products for women, Tame the Beast has broken the mold with their Anti-Aging Skin Serum aimed at men! This vitamin and all-natural essential oil-infused product focuses on nourishing your man’s skin while also keeping it wrinkle free. It’s vegan, cruetly-free, and doesn’t contain any toxins, fillers, gluten, GMO’s or artificial fragrances. While an unconventional “dad gift” for sure, it’s still the perfect personalized gift for Father’s Day!

Ballsy’s Father’s Day Nuts & Bolt Sack Pack

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This one is more for the dads with a good sense of humor. Maybe just gift it to your husband (if he is a dad) and not your actual father unless he’s really cool. Yes, this is a wash for men’s prized jewels. Ballsy’s Father’s Day Nuts & Bolts Sack Pack includes their Nut Rub, Ballwash, and Sack Spray to keep men’s delicate areas clean. All items in this pack are free of sulfates, parabens, and synthetic dies, so it’s safe for the most delicate areas. It’s hysterical, but it also makes for a great gift for men during the warm summer months when they are prone to sweating.

Luster Premium White Pro Light Dental Whitening System

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Gifting a dental whitening system might be unconventional, as you have to be careful who you gift it to. You don’t want to make them think you see their teeth are stained. But, when it’s your own father, why not! If you have a good, honest relationship with your dad, gift them the Luster Premium White Pro Light Dental Whitening System. It can whiten teeth up to 6 shades in just 30 minutes! And, this clinically proven system has no messy trays or strips! It’s super easy to use and effective.

Kandy Ties by Head Kandy

Jason Mamoa made a splash at the Oscars when he wore a bright pink scrunchie on his wrist. Instead of a big, pink, 90’s scrunchy, gift your dad Head Kandy’s Kandy Ties if he has long hair. These ties are strong, gripping hair tightly to hold their man bun. Yet, they don’t get stuck in your hair at all. In fact, they come out easily. Definitely an unusual gift for fathers, but why not?


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