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Fly The Holiday Season With Ease

Helpful Tips To Get You Through In A Breeze


Check No More Than 1 Bag

Keep cost down as many of the airlines are charging fees for additional bags or even for 1 checked bag. During the holidays the overhead compartments will fill up fast, I suggest keeping your carry on bag small so you can keep it near you under seat.


Don’t Wrap Your Gifts

TSA can open up the package if they don’t like what they see. Keep the expensive gifts with you on your carry on.


Don’t Lock Your Luggage

The TSA can cut the locks off of your bags. If you do lock your luggage be sure to use an approved TSA lock and you will be fine.


Consider Your Connection

Fly on the early morning flight or red eye typically, those flights are on time and in case you have a connecting flight, you will be far less likely to miss your connection. Do not choose a flight with a connection that is an hour or less!


Bring Food

Bring snacks in case you face any delays.
You never know when or where these delays may happen, or for how long. You don’t want to be stuck at an airport with little to horrible food options! So bring your own.


Lastly, abide by the rules, get to the airport and check in 2hrs before boarding.


Happy Holiday Travels!

making the world yours with ease.

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