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Amazing and Affordable Dream Getaways in the Winter

Dream Getaways in the Winter

Why is it that the Winter is when we always want to escape? We may live in a well loved vacation spot, but there’s something about winter that makes us want to drop everything and getaway to a different place. Whether you’re a warm weather-loving person who can’t stand the thought of a winter chill on your skin, or you simply crave the beauty of a new place (warm or cold), we have listed some of the best dream getaways in
the winter time.

Costa Rica

What’s not to love about the “Rich Coast”? It’s the rainforest meets the beach all in one happy location, and December ushers in its dry season, so you can escape the humidity in favor of 70 degree dry air. Costa Rica‘s Pacific coast is dotted with resorts for every budget, and the people you’ll encounter are some of the friendliest in the world.

Bora Bora

If you crave warm temperatures year round and can afford the halfway across the world flight, get to Bora Bora as soon as possible in the winter. Bora Bora is chock-full of turquoise lagoons and overwater bungalows, perfect for that couple’s vacation away from the kids. The only downsides to Bora Bora in the winter? It’s not cheap, and it may rain a bit.

Lake Tahoe

Don’t care whether your excursion leads you to hot or cold weather? Lake Tahoe is a great place for you to bundle up, and enjoy the crisp, snowy scenery around you. This area is stunning no matter what time of year, but in the winter there’s something especially breathtaking about it. Ski resorts, luxury villas and fantastic dining options dot the landscape, so you’ll never be bored.

Playa del Carmen

Escape to a place where the beach atmosphere is so laid back that time seems to stop. There’s no better Caribbean destination than Playa del Carmen if you’re looking for getaway where the only plan is to eliminate all plans. There’s chain resorts and boutique resorts to choose from, so there’s truly something for every person and every budget.


Going for a well rounded getaway, with sightseeing, relaxing, and adventure? Tulum is a great spot to end up at. It’s a tiny piece of the Yucatan, which means that the Mayan Ruins are just nearby. What else can you do in Tulum? Snorkel the cenotes, or book some time at one of the many spas. A trip to Tulum isn’t cheap, so factor that into your planning.

Maybe you prefer to play in the snow …

Telluride, Colorado

This small Colorado town is everything fun and funky, and draws thousands of visitors every winter. What kind of people enjoy a town like Telluride? The same ones who want to spend hours on a ski slope during the day, but save plenty of energy for a warm drink in at one of the local hangouts.

Don’t miss out on a great vacation destination this winter. If you want to getaway, look no further than one of these fantastic wintertime escapes!

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