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Fashionphile: The Luxury Resale Store You Can Trust

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Is there any type of bag or accessory that Fashionphile doesn’t recommend buying?

Anything weird or too out there. Crazy beading, or anything displaying catch phrases. Also, tribal prints. When it comes to accessories, we believe that simple handbags become timeless and will hold their value much better than those “trendy” patterns or colors. If you want a bag that will be sellable in the future, stick to the classic colors that a lot of people will like! Many of the higher-end bags could end up being worth more later as a vintage item than when you first bought them – if they’re a classic style and kept in good condition.

Have you sold to any notable individuals/influencers/celebrities? If so, who?

Since we’re located in Beverly Hills, we have easy access to celebrity clientele. Paula Abdul and Reese Witherspoon have both shopped with us before. We’re actually located right next door to Louis Vuitton, and even share a garbage can. Since we’re located on Wilshire and Rodeo, celebrities will pop into our store to look for some unique, vintage items. We also have notable blogger clients like Cara Brocklin and Amber Clark as regular clients.

Purchase your first handbag with Fashionphile here!

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