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Fashionphile: The Luxury Resale Store You Can Trust

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Q&A with the Owners of Fashionphile

How many bags come through Fashionphile on average each year?

We sell around 500 handbags per month for an average cost of $700 per handbag. In a year, the company moves around 6,000 bags to new owners. Fashionphile usually pays sellers about 70 percent of the sale price, if the bag sells. In February 2016, we had $3 million in sales, which was our strongest month yet.

What are some of your favorite/most popular pieces to come through the showroom?

Monogram pieces are our best selling pieces; they sell really quickly too. The LV Neverfull is always super popular and accessible. The Chanel Le Boy Bag and bags with gold and rose gold hardware are popular, too. Collector’s pieces are really blowing up. The Chanel Cassette Tape Bag sold in 30 minutes! My favorite is the Hermes Crocodile Birkin. It really is more art than handbag!

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