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Fall Trends for Fabulous Hair: Going Beyond the Color

Fall is here and while coloring your hair into the shades popular this autumn is great, some of us need more of a change. No worries, this season is welcoming you with many trends that will make you stand out and enhance your beauty. Read on to learn what accessories, styles, and cuts are the most fashionable in the fall of 2020.

Side parts are back IN!

What’s the simplest way to transform your look?

Just part your hair differently and your image will be instantly changed. And this season it’s all about side parts and many variations of those. This is a hairstyle that’s extremely versatile. By changing the depth and placement of the part you can find a fit for any face shape.

Also, you can play around with side parts for hair of any length. Be it lo9ng or short, with or without bangs, you can rock this style easily.

Finally, quite a few people have hair that naturally grows into a side part of some sort. For the ones of you with this kind of hair, this season is perfect for rocking your natural look.

Extensions are here to stay

Hair extensions have been loved by celebrities and everyone else for a while. And this trend isn’t going anywhere. In fact, as hair extensions grow in quality and ease of use, they are becoming more popular. This season you should consider using halo extensions, which are easy to put in and remove all on your own. This will allow you to get by even without your stylist if we are locked back in quarantine.

Halo extensions, unlike more typical tape, are easier to manage. There is also less risk of damaging your own hair follicles when you put them in and take them out. Finally, you can find a perfect match in color and they will look perfectly natural.

Note that in 2020 extensions are in trend for volume more than length. Therefore, you can use them not only when you want to make your hair appear longer. Focus on making it fuller instead, to give you a dazzling healthy look.

Headbands, headscarves, ribbons, and all the cloth accessories

Fashion shows of Dior, Gucci, Adeam, and Brandon Maxwell, to name but a few, show that cloth hair accessories are in for the fall of 2020. Be it a cotton printed headband or a silk headscarf or a soft ribbon, you can’t go wrong this season.

So, you can certainly set off shopping for accessories of this type. They would fit a wide range of styles and occasions. Soft silk scarves and ribbons, in particular, will be your friends for special events. Tie a low ponytail with one of those and one of the simplest hairstyles will become an elegant addition to your evening look. For a perfect style, wear a silk dress with a matching ribbon.

Haircuts that are easy to maintain

This year, like no other, brought forth an interest in self-styling. Therefore, while autumn is usually a season for something more elaborate, the fall of 2020 breaks this trend. Instead, this year’s hair fashions are all for simplicity and styles you can easily maintain at home.

In the autumn season of 20230 the hottest trends are:

  • Buzz cuts
  • Layers
  • Shaggy styles
  • Lob (long bob)

Of course, a classic bob is timeless and will always look fantastic, provided you can maintain it.

These cuts are simple and they will look great even as they grow out. Therefore, if you are cut off from your hairstylist once more, your image won’t suffer.

Obviously, a buzz cut is an exception. But you can maintain it easily enough with the right tools and, preferably, a pair of helping hands.

Baby braids are finally trendy

Quite a few of you will be happy to learn that in the fall of 2020 you can wear baby braids and not look like a hippie reject! This simple style of two tiny braids on either side of your face has been embraced by designers like Max Mara and Tadashi Shoji.

The braids can be plain or feature ribbons, beads, and other accessories. They will help make your look more romantic and elegant. But pair this style up with big ethnic earrings and you’ll look like a savage princess-warrior of the past.

As you can see, the fall trends for your hair all focus on simplicity and low-maintenance. Keep this in mind when thinking about the look you want to rock this autumn.

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