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22 Messy Ponytail Looks for Every Occasion

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Messy hairstyles are a huge trend at the moment. If you are tired of the same, classy ponytail you do almost every day, it is time for an upgrade. The messy ponytail can be literally done in a hundred ways, and it is one of the easiest hairstyles. You can rock this amazing look anywhere you want. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can experiment with it a lot and never be wrong. You don’t have to pay a visit to the hairstylist, all you need is your imagination.

It can be your go-to for weddings. In this case, you can do a high messy ponytail and add volume to the upper part of the hair to make it look more glamorous. Curls also are an option, especially for special occasions. If you have a nice piece of hair accessory that you want to add, go ahead and do it. Everyone will be amazed at your hairstyle. Low messy ponytails are celebrity-approved and a huge trend right now.

A lot of ladies love adding braids to their messy ponytails. It can be any type of braid, and it can be located anywhere. Side braids are very popular and are done in only minutes. Once you are done with the braid just mess it up a little and do a high or low ponytail. Adding volume to the hairstyle is always a good idea.

Celebrities are also in love with the messy ponytail. They have been rocking this hairstyle on many red carpets and huge events. Starting from Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, to Gigi Hadid, they have all tried this hair trend and looked amazing. That is just another proof that you should be the next one to try it. Here are some of the most beautiful messy ponytail looks, that you can use to upgrade your hairstyle.

22 Messy Ponytail Looks for Every Occasion messy ponytail twist
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