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Experience Fun and Enchantment at this Whimsical Wonderland Pop Up Experience in Hollywood

Last Friday night was the official launch of one of the most imaginative pop-up ventures ever. WonderWorld began in New York City and is now available for you to experience in Hollywood!

This 7,500 square foot interactive experience is the brainchild of Jay Yue, 23, Hua Wang, 26 and Jie Wang, 23. Designer Joshua Wong helped bring the magic and enchantment to WonderWorld. Visitors can explore a giant mushroom garden, steep in an oversized teacup, splash in a bubble swimming pool, and guests can even soar to the moon in this in interactive playground!

The first room we explored was the giant mushroom garden filled with bulbous red mushrooms. Whether you sat on them or huddled underneath, you were immediately transported through the pages of “Alice in Wonderland”. And it felt as if you took a sip of the “Drink Me Potion” and shrunk down to ten inches high!

We also loved exploring the crystal bird room that was filled with hundreds of crystal birds suspended in the air by clear filament.

And of course, who would miss an opportunity to cuddle Instagram sensation @bentlythepom_la!

And we just had to say hi to Insta-celeb @seannyboy808.

This immersive pop up is the one of the most Instagram-worthy venues to date as guests are encouraged to take as many photos as they want. So, don’t forget to charge your phone before attending.

Based on Lewis Carroll’s classic, “Alice in Wonderland”, WonderWorld will run for five months from April 10 through August. Tickets are $30 for adults, $19 for children ages 4-12, and children 3 and under are free.

This is going to be a summer hot spot in Los Angeles so it is best to reserve your tickets in advance.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to WonderWorld and take a magical trip down the rabbit hole!


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