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Erin Nicole Discusses Beating the Odds and Finding Success Despite her Upbringing

Growing up in foster care is a reality that many don’t have to face in their lives, and unfortunately, the statistics for foster children finding success are not very high. Model Erin Nicole grew up in that environment, except she beat all the odds and carved a successful career for herself in modeling. Now, she’s been published in very well-known magazines, she’s traveling the world, and she’s expanding her career into the worlds of music and acting. We sat down with Erin to talk about her experiences and to get her advice for those looking to succeed.

Erin, you grew up in foster care. While statistics show that most ex-foster-care children have trouble finding success, you beat the odds and are living your dreams. Do you think part of your success is due to the way you grew up? How so?

I think that if those weren’t the statistics for children who grew up like me, that half of the satisfaction of the success would be gone. I’m blessed because not only did I do it, but I did it against the odds.

You chose to leave the foster care system at the age of 18 rather than staying in it until you were 21 years old despite being urged to stay. Why did you choose to leave at 18? Do you think this helped lead to your success? Why is that?

I chose to leave the system when I was 18 years old rather than staying in until I was 21 because I knew I had to find my own independence. Working uphill has motivated me. I learned survival due to having to survive most of my life. It’s made me stronger. 

Can you tell us the positive qualities you gained while growing up in foster care?

The positive qualities I gained in foster care were strength, faith, and independence.

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Please tell us about the struggles that you had when you first left foster care. How did those struggles help you grow as a person?

When I first left foster care, I was bouncing around friends’ couches and basically living out of my car. I was working and taking online classes at the same time. I made the decision to juggle both because I wanted to make sure my future was not put on hold due to circumstance. I maintained a GPA of 4.0 for a year, which was when my friends started trying to convince me to model because they said I had the look for it. I knew that if I were to take a career change, I would need to give it my all, so I decided to take a break from school. I’m very glad that I did because I am much happier now.

Tell us about your journey going from struggling to success. How much time did it take you to get on your feet?

It just took that job change to get me on my feet. I’d say it took about four months. I was living in hotels before I moved into an apartment. It was a process, but I actually think I got out of homelessness quickly for being so young. 

You are now a successful model who has been published in Playboy and FHM. What is the modeling job that you have had that you are the proudest of and why?

The bigger publications definitely give me bragging rights, but what I am actually the proudest of is really just having a solid schedule of model bookings. When I established that, that’s when I knew I had a career in modeling. Freelance modeling isn’t easy.

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Tell us about your acting and singing career. When did you find a love for singing?

My acting and singing career just began within the last few months, so I am waiting to see where they go. I know if I put in the effort, I can do anything.

You travel all over the world frequently. What is your favorite country to visit and why?

I travel all over, and I really enjoy going to new places. I learn something new from each country I go to. My favorite places to go are islands because they are so peaceful and perfect. 

You have created this success for yourself completely on your own. What advice can you give to those looking to start a career in acting, modeling, or singing? How can they follow your example?

The advice that I would give anyone looking to start a career in acting, modeling or singing would be that it’s not easy work, but the more you work at yourself, the better that you will be.

Erin truly serves as an inspiration for those looking for success. She is proof that success is possible no matter your circumstances. Be sure to follow Erin’s journey!


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