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How to Dress to Impress for Modeling Auditions

Dressing up for your first modeling auditions can be more stressful than the audition itself. Everyone knows that first impressions are the most important; before you have spoken, your style has spoken volumes about you already. You will want to showcase your body physique, natural beauty, and, of course, versatility.

Brand Specific Requirements & Go-See Tips

Most modeling auditions or go-see’s are brand specific. At such times, you will be instructed by your agent or the company itself as what to wear to these particular callbacks and open auditions; however, if this information isn’t provided, it is best to invest time incorporating these quick tips on dressing to Impress for your modeling auditions.

1.Keep it simple

The agency or casting directors only get one chance to evaluate your potential in their show and they have a very limited window to do so. Men are suggested to wear a simple T-shirt and jeans or khakis depending on the platform. Meanwhile women are encouraged to wear skinny jeans and tank tops or simple tees without bold prints and fanciful designs. Drop the bright hair colors, bold nails, and bright makeup. You’re not there to sell your style but theirs.

2.Special Requirements

One of those special requirements might be the need to come equipped with a swimsuit underneath your attire. Depending on the modeling show or project, you might be asked to show a little skin. Casting directors usually prefer two-piece suits over a
one-piece; it wouldn’t hurt to come prepared with one packed just in case.

3.Stepping into Modeling Auditions

Another tip for first time female modeling auditions is to wear flats. While you want to put your best foot forward and wear your cutest pumps, you’ll want to give the modeling agency something to work with. It is preferable that you wear flats and give them a glimpse
of your natural physique and bring a pair of short to medium height stilettos. Leave the pumps at home. Again, simple is best.

4.Plain Jane Cosmetics

For female callbacks, it is best to come as you are when dealing with cosmetics. Take the time to pamper your lips and flush your cheeks with a touch of blush; this is the plain jane treatment. You want the modeling agency and casting directors to have a view of their potential canvas. What if they love your freckles? Natural appearance is a must when it comes to casting calls.

Before Modeling Auditions, Research and Remember

No agency is the same and every show will have their own requirements. Be sure to ask questions about such requirements when you are presented with the callback. If you don’t find that you possess the staple pieces needed to attend a model callback, invest time in building such a wardrobe.

You’ll find modeling agencies having frequent callbacks, and often times they discover models after several meetings. The only difference from their many failed go-sees would be their choice of wardrobe. When attending your first modeling audition, remember the rule is keep it simple and you’re sure to impress.

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