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Do YOU Want to be Unforgettable? Here’s How!

Here are three easy steps to become unforgettable in someone else’s mind!

“She’s unforgettable.” How many times have you heard someone say this about another woman? How many times have you wondered what magic or secrets this other woman had to become unforgettable? What special powers did she possess over others to make them say this about her? And how can YOU become unforgettable, too?

Well, Carmen Simon, a cognitive scientist, has discovered three simple steps to make certain you will engage whomever you are speaking to. In her book, “Impossible to Ignore”, Simon says there are three things to make others remember you forever.

She believes you should always back up your points with facts. Then, repeat it three times.  She said it is vital to use facts in conversation. If you stick to facts, people are more likely to remember what you say rather than your just your opinions or random thoughts.

Another way to make them remember you is to ask them a question.  She believes that the element of surprise in a conversation is what keeps people engaged.  They will remember you for the right reasons if you ask them questions when they don’t expect it. After all, how many times have you been bored by a person who went on and on about themselves and never asked a single thing about you?

Another way to help people to remember you is to motivate them. Studies have shown that if you motivate, excite, and inspire people, they are more likely to remember both being motivated and also will remember you.  So, rather than telling people all of your problems and being a burden to them, it is more memorable if you boost them up, give them something to look forward to, challenge them, and help them with their goals! After all, wouldn’t you want someone to do the same thing to you? And wouldn’t you also REMEMBER a person like this?


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