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DIY Pimple Remedy

We have all experienced the dreadful morning when we wake up to one, if not more, monsterous pimples. Let’s face it; there is nothing cute about it. So many companies market dozens of treatments, some pretty costly, many times, leading us to look beyond our own kitchen or medicine cabinet.
I have discovered that, luckily, some of the best remedies can already be found in my own home, and are quite inexpensive, and most importantly, effective!
Here are my top two!

  • Hydrogen Peroxide: We use hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect cuts, to prevent built up bacteria and infections. Well, pimples are oil glands, which when infected with bacteria, become inflamed, and the filled with pus. Simply pour some onto a cotton pad, rub that sucker all over your pimples, and they will be gone in no time.
  • Ice Cubes: Take an ice cube, wrapped in a paper towel, and press it along your unwanted friend for a good ten minutes. Yes, you may begin to think that frost bite may be approaching, but rest assured, you are fine! Try this three times a day. This method reduces the size of the pimple, freezes the pores, and removes oil and dirt.

Next time those pimples come to visit, these simple, cheap and effective methods are sure to make them a thing of the past!


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