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  • Popping Your Pimples – The Ultimate Skincare Dilemma

    We’ve all been there—staring at that pesky pimple or stubborn blackhead, contemplating whether to give it a satisfying squeeze or leave...

    Skincare TipsKanita BajramiAugust 22, 2023
  • Homemade Blemish Paste

    I can't afford to have a blemish. Here I share my trick to staying acne free.

    Makeup TipsJesse GoldenSeptember 24, 2012
  • DIY Pimple Remedy

    We have all experienced the dreadful morning when we wake up to one, if not more, monsterous pimples. Let’s face it;...

    Makeup TipsRamona MichelleSeptember 3, 2012