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The Biggest 2020 Spring Haircut Trends to Refresh Your Look

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The switch of the seasons calls for fresh energy! It’s the perfect time to upgrade your look with a new haircut. Spring is just around the corner, so we turned to our favorite celebrity hairstylists to find out which haircuts are on-trend for the following season. The spring 2020 haircut trends aren’t necessarily something you haven’t seen before. Some of those styles have been trending for a while now, and some are getting more attention than ever before. Whether you want to trim just your edges or want to make a dramatic transformation, take a look at the biggest 2020 spring haircut trends.

Face-Framing Layered Haircut

spring 2020 haircut trends
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Photo By @chrisappleton1/Instagram

Pinterest searches for layered haircuts are constantly on the rise. These cuts are very versatile and can bring out the best of any hair type. With the right layered haircut, one can add more volume to thin hair or reduce the excess weight and bulkiness of thick hair. No matter what issue you’re trying to tackle, styling the front section in shorter layers will give you a seductive look.

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