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Cool-Toned Makeup Looks That Will Warm You Up This Winter

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Cool-toned makeup is so underrated! No matter the season, our makeup looks tend to be on the warmer side. Gold on the eyelids, a champagne-hued highlighter, peachy blush – most of our daily beauty essentials are in warm shades. However, with the rise of colorful makeup brought by Instagram makeup artists, we are slowly leaving our warm comfort zone in favor of more adventurous makeup looks. Scrolling on Instagram, we realized that cool tones are having a moment in the world of makeup. Mauve eyeshadows, nude lipsticks with ashy undertones – icy vibes are in! To help you hop on this makeup trend without regrets, we’ve rounded up the prettiest cool-toned makeup looks we’ve stumbled upon on Instagram. Scroll down for some gorgeous cool finds.

cool toned makeup looks
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Photo By @gordgeorge/Instagram

Soft mauve tones can easily replace your go-to browns, giving you a natural glam that’s anything but boring. Topped with silver shimmer, this cool-toned makeup look will get you all-glammed up for a fancy event on your calendar.

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