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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Beautician

You have decided you want to become a beautician.  You know you love working with people, and you are interested in all the different techniques and methods that improve people’s sense of well-being.  The UK beauty sector is thriving, making the career of beautician a sound choice.  Clients are spending billions and billions of pounds on pampering and grooming experiences.  This is an industry that is no longer limited to women.  Men are now as worried about their looks as women.  This growth suggests there will be a need for more and more clients in need of your services.

What is a beautician?

A beautician is someone who will combine the work of the hairdresser with other techniques such as waxing, nails, massage and much more.  You will be expected to offer a range of beauty treatments including hair removal, eyebrow shaping, manicures, pedicures, tanning, massaging, reflexology, facials, makeovers and other specialist treatments.

To become qualified

To start your career, you will need a generalized qualification in Beauty Therapy.  You will need at least Level 2 or level 3 qualifications from an accredited qualifications provider.  There will be lots of courses that promise to turn you into a qualified beautician, but employers and insurers may not recognize these.  Therefore, check the details of the qualifications you will achieve and if these are known as an industry standard.

To get on such courses, you are likely to need good qualifications in Math and English, as well as three other GCSE qualifications.

You may start your career as an apprentice or an assistant, working alongside other professionals to cement your skills.  You should enjoy working with others and learning from their experience.

Continue learning

Once you are a beautician, you will need to continue your training.  Not only will you need to learn new techniques that come along but specialize in one area of beauty specifically.  Most beauticians become experts in one field, whether it is massage, tanning or nail art.  This will require you to go on advanced courses in these areas and to add to your qualifications as you work.

You will also be part of a business environment.  Whether you are part of a team in a chain of beauty salons, or you set up your own small business, there are other skills you will need.   You will be expected to answer the phone, emails, as well as showing excellent people skills when greeting people.  People who arrive for treatments may be nervous and will need you to make them feel confident and safe.  

There are also administrative matters.  You will need to manage the schedule, making sure there are no clashes in the diary and all treatments can be covered.  The supplies for the treatments will need to be tracked and refreshed regularly, which will require careful systems.  You will need to offer transparent consultations and offer referrals if you find something during the treatment that might need medical intervention.

Other skills

To be successful as a beautician, you need to be more than just artistic and technically minded.  It would be best if you also were an excellent people manager.  You are entering a people-centered environment.  Therefore, you need to be friendly and welcoming.  You need good manners, a great attitude and the sort of personality that makes a person feel safe. It is highly likely that at some point, you will have to demonstrate great diplomacy and tact.  Your customer may well ask for something that will not work or not look good.  Consequently, you have to manage the situation so that the client walks away with their self-respect and confidence firmly in place.

Your skill and expertise are essential to helping the customer feel at ease.  Therefore, you need to know your stuff thoroughly.  However, to be successful, your personality will need to shine through.

The steps to take

It would help if you began by researching the beauty sector and working out where your training should take you.  You need to keep up to date with new and innovative approaches.  You also need to know the brands that dominate the industry.  It is probably more important than any other sector that you understand the marketplace and what customers are asking for.

Then, research where it is best to learn.  You need to be sure of the educational establishment and sure of the accreditation that is offered.  Seek advice from employers, asking what qualifications they would accept.  You may want to research apprenticeships and on-the-job training, as this suits people better.

Finally, investigate where you would ideally like to work and shape your choices to this company or area of health and beauty.


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