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Buffalo Exchange: Do Some Good, and Do It In Style

Thanks to Buffalo Exchange, You Can Effortlessly Help the Environment While Simultaneously Helping Your Own Style!

We recently paid a visit to our local Buffalo Exchange, and not only did we fall in love with the amazing deals we found, we learned that a bargain there goes a long way for both you and the environment. They have taken the eighteen-billion-dollar fashion resale industry beyond being just sustainable and are giving back to the community in various ways.

Let’s start with fur. Not only is it outdated in the fashion world, it is (and always has been) an unnecessary evil in this industry. Buffalo Exchange works with “Coats for Cubs” and collects real furs to provide bedding and comfort to orphaned and injured wildlife. Since 2006, Buffalo Exchange, with the help of their customers, has collected and distributed over 13,644 furs to wildlife rehabilitators nationwide.

As if that is not awesome enough, they have also created an arts fund which annually honors emerging artists in the performing arts, visual arts, and those who have made outstanding contributions to the arts through education, organization, or advocacy awarding over $199,000 to inspirational artists of Southern Arizona.

Looking for a super bargain? Each Earth Day, they hold a $1 sale which has raised over $613,800 since 1997 and has supported numerous charities and environmental causes, including protecting the last Galapagos Island tortoise (George), funding pollination programs and research, increasing awareness about cruelty-free makeup, and most recently, raising over $52,560 for the Humane Society of the United States. Buffalo Exchange also participates in the “Tokens for Bags” program where shoppers are offered a 5-cent token in lieu of a bag, which is then donated to one of three local charities.

Since its creation in 1994, Buffalo Exchange has raised over $704,200 for thousands of local nonprofit organizations and over $47k in 2016 alone. Every token a customer has donated represents a plastic bag that was not added into circulation. Thanks to the shoppers, they have kept over 14 million plastic bags from polluting the environment.

While we have nothing against a common thrift store find, our treasures found at Buffalo Exchange were as rewarding for our closets as they proved to be for the environment. I’m talking Zimmerman, Margiela, Haute Hippie, and more for $30 and under! Not only did we score those more modern labels, we found some gorgeous vintage threads (from the 60s to be exact) along with some jewelry, shoes, and handbags.

Not only will Buffalo Exchange be a frequent shopping trip for our team here at Viva Glam Magazine, we also know where to take our unwanted threads in the future. There are now 49 locations in 20 states with the headquarters still in the original location in Tuscon, Arizona. You should definitely check out one of their stores.


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