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If You Think Your Fake Fur is Really Fake, Think Again

Surprise, your fake fur might not really be fake!

Wearing real fur might have been stylish a generation ago. But today, most of us choose to wear fake fur. Why? Attaining real fur is cruel to the animals that are both kept and killed in inhumane ways.  In addition, today’s modern textiles are convincingly similar to the real deal so there is no reason to attain fur by killing.

But even if you are taking the steps to make a humane purchase, you might have to ask the question, “is your fake fur really fake?”  Surprisingly, animal welfare charities are now warning that clothing labels can be lying to you by saying that real fur is fake!

As shocking as that may seem, some manufacturers are saying their garments are cruelty-free when indeed they are not.  But how do you spot real fur from imitation fur?

Humane Society International recommends the following ways to check to see if your “fake” fur is indeed real.  First, you can check the ends of the fur. Real fur tapers at the end of each strand.  Fake fur has been cut so the ends are blunt. This is true in most cases, but also be forewarned that if real fur has been sheared it will not taper, too.

You can also check the base of the fur.  Fake fur will attach to fabric whereas real fur will attach to animal skin.  You can also conduct a burn test if you have already purchased the item and are wondering if it is real or not.  If you burn a few hairs and it smells like human hair burning, it is most likely real.  Fake hair will smell like plastic.  Also, fake hair will melt, while animal hair will singe like human hair.

Incidentally, for those still wanting to wear real fur this fall and winter, approximately 110,000,000 animals are killed for their pelts on fur farms each year.  These animals are kept in filthy, small cages most of their lives. They are subject to extreme heat and cold.  And they are slaughtered by electrocution, poisoning, or neck-breaking.

So, if you intend to wear fur this season, it is best to make certain it is faux!

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