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Do Silicone Makeup Brushes Work? What to Expect

Do you still remember the days where the extent of makeup tools was the tiny double-ended sponge sticks that came with eyeshadow palettes? Throwback, right? Today, we tend to instantly toss those aside and reach for our arsenal of makeup tools at hand. Whether you have a couple of multi-use makeup brushes or a full collector’s exhibit of every brush or sponge out there, you understand the struggle- the struggle of keeping up with the next big makeup brushes or sponges that are on trend. It gets exhausting.

Trends come and go, but efficacy is forever. As many gimmicky new makeup brushes come out, there are also plenty that work miracles for your makeup application. Recently, a new trend has come about that everyone seems super skeptical of: silicone makeup brushes. It’s time to spill the beans on how well they actually work and whether they’re worth giving a go. We tried them so you don’t need to!

Where it All Began

About a year ago, Instagram beauty gurus threw a strange tool into circulation within their cycle of over-hyped trends.

The little chicken-cutlet looking sponges were completely made of silicone and claimed to work like any beauty sponge minus the soaking up of product. Well, as you can tell after watching countless videos using the sponge, it can be a bit of a mess. Not losing any product sounds great, until you realize that means tons of product sitting on your skin.

Classic sponges soak up excess product to leave your skin looking blended and natural. The silicone sponge kind of moved product around your face and left your skin looking heavy and cakey. So the sponge was a bust, but what about it’s newborn sisters?

Silicone Brushes

Very recently, we’ve started to notice a new trend coming about: silicone makeup brushes. These still haven’t gone completely viral, but they’re slowly but surely working their way into Instagram’s line up. Silicone brushes come in a range of shapes and sizes like normal brushes. They are typically flat and thin but their width and tip shapes differ.

Face Brushes

Believe it or not, silicone brushes are actually genius. Silicone brushes can have a number of benefits. When it comes to complexion silicone brushes, they work perfectly as the brush you can apply your foundation with before blending it into the skin further with a sponge. The flat shape allows it to work amazingly at packing on cream or liquid products.

The smaller shaped brushes can help get you a seriously precise contour. Using your cream or liquid contour, you can either use the thin edges of the brush or the flat side to apply a perfect line with your contour. Contour sticks are all the rage, and this way you can use any cream contour and turn your silicone brush into a contour stick!

We also love how silicone makeup brushes work at applying highlighter. Unlike a bristle brush, the silicone has a fingertip feel that helps pat product in. This is specifically perfect for highlight. You want your highlighter to melt into your skin instead of buffing it in and risking patchiness!

Eye Brushes

You can instantly realize that silicone brushes are going to work like a dream for eyeshadow. Granted, these aren’t going to be your go to for blending out. When it comes to your crease or transition shades, you’re going to need the fluffy effect of a bristle brush to blend out to perfection.

Silicone makeup brushes can work amazing when it comes to packing color onto your lid! Whether a buttery shimmer or even a liquid shadow, the flat shape and the texture of silicone guarantees you get the most pigment possible! These brushes are a dream for applying shimmers and glitters and we love it!


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