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Benefits Of Choosing A Beach Holiday Destination This Year

Do you really need an excuse or a reason to choose a beach holiday destination this year? Let’s face it, after a long period of work and responsibilities, a beach holiday is a perfect way to relax, unwind and reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones. Maybe though, you need a bit more convincing. Maybe you just need a reason or two to book that flight, perhaps Turkey or Spain. Maybe you are thinking about checking out Marmaris and the famous Dayan Turtle beach, with 6km of glistening white sand and the possibility of seeing a turtle or two. If that still isn’t enough, then read on to find out how a beach holiday destination can benefit you this year.

Reduces stress levels

Whether you’re traveling alone or vacationing with friends, the beach is the ideal place to relax and unwind. Lying on the sand reading books, wiggling your toes in the sand, dipping your toes in the crystal blue waters, walking along the beach with your loved ones, sleeping in, being able to laze about and not stick to a strict routine. If that doesn’t relax you, then what will!

Boost of Vitamin D

Our hectic lives, as well as spending a lot of time indoors working, might have a negative impact on our health. A small amount of exposure to the sun, as long as you use high-protection factor sunscreen and avoid the midday light, can boost your sense of physical and mental well-being, according to research. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, our bodies produce vitamin D which allows our bodies to make efficient use of phosphorus and calcium, which helps to build strong bones and promote cell division.

Helps you to gain a better night’s sleep

Ever wondered why at the end of a long day doing nothing but relaxing on the beach you feel so tired? It’s because the fresh sea air is jam-packed with negative ions, and these can have a positive impact on how well your body can take in oxygen. When we have more oxygen in our bodies, we are more relaxed, and when we are more relaxed, we sleep better. There really is nothing better than a great night’s sleep after a relaxing day spent at the beach!

Encouraging activeness

Sure, you may be wondering how lying on a beach makes you more active, but think about all those lovely long beach walks at sunset – and remember, walking in the sand is harder on the leg muscles! Not only that, but you are likely to be taking dips in the ocean or the pool, maybe joining in with some water sports on some of the best beaches in Turkey such as Lara beach in Antalya or Fener beach in Bodrum, or other sunny countries, and ultimately having the time of your life – and this is great for heart health.

A great opportunity for a digital detox

Taking some time to decompress from the digital world is beneficial to the mind, body, and soul. A number of studies have demonstrated that being constantly connected causes stress, sleep deprivation, and anxiety. Being on holiday at the beach is the most convenient time to unplug. There are simply way too many other things one could be doing while at the beach, like resting and taking in the beauty of nature that the beach has to offer us!

How beach holidays re-energize you

The sea air makes us feel fantastic as it includes microscopic droplets of seawater filled with salt, iodine, magnesium, and trace elements, which are dispersed into the air by the waves and the air and hence promote good health. They are referred to as surf-generated aerosols, and they have the effect of increasing our capacity to take in oxygen. Negative ions also help to maintain a healthy amount of serotonin in the body, which is a neurotransmitter connected to mood and stress.

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