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What are the “Love Languages,” and Why are They Called That?

All of us have different ways to express our love and affection. At the same time, each of us has different preferences when it comes to receiving love. Because of these reasons, couples sometimes misinterpret the meanings of their words and actions. The good news is that you can now understand your partner better by learning the different love languages. To give a better view, here are some important details about the love languages.

What are Love Languages?

The idea of love languages was created and introduced by Gary Chapman, Ph.D. In his book, he explained the different love languages, which are the various ways of showing and receiving love. By knowing your and your partner’s love language, you can make your relationship stronger. The reason is that you’ll be able to communicate your love by knowing your partner’s preferred way of receiving love, and vice versa.

Different Love Languages

1. Quality Time

People who have a love language of quality time prefer to express and receive love through undivided attention. For them, the time you’ve spent with them is precious, especially if they feel your full presence. Likewise, they will show their love by spending time with you. When you’re with them, you will get all their attention so that you can have meaningful conversations without any interference or distractions.

2. Word of Affirmation

People under the category of word of affirmation often express their love verbally. As such, they will often write or say “I love you” and other words of appreciation. At the same time, they also prefer to receive love through this method. So, if your significant other has a love language of words of affirmation, you can send him or her regular love notes or letters to show your love and affection.

3. Gifts

People with a love language of gifts prefer showing and receiving love through symbolic materials. Keep in mind that the value of the gift doesn’t matter to them. What matters most is the time and effort you spent to find the perfect gift that will symbolize your love.

4. Acts of Service

When it comes to acts of service, this love language can be best described as the actions you do to make your partner’s life easier. As such, if you have this love language, you like showing your love by taking care of your sweetheart. For these people, they believe that “actions speak louder than words.” As such, they will love and appreciate you more if you do things that will make their lives more comfortable.

5. Physical Touch

The last love language is physical touch, and people under this category prefer to express and receive love by touching. To be specific, they prefer physical intimacy. As such, they will often show their love through kissing, cuddling, holding hands, and sex. For them, your touches give them a warm and comforting feeling.

Why are They Called “Love Languages?”

All in all, presented above are the different love languages. But, why are they called “love languages?” As you know, language is all about how you express your feelings, which can either be through words or actions. As such, the term “love language” was used because it describes the different ways we prefer to show and receive love. From there, these love languages can help strengthen your relationship.


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