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Becoming A Micro Beauty Influencer

Brands always want to send out free makeup to beauty influencers no matter what kind of following they have. Some brands would prefer to send makeup to micro-influencers because it’s cheaper for them and they know micro-influencers hold a lot of clout over their loyal and dedicated following. As a micro-influencer, you get to test out the newest and hottest makeup and you’ll never find yourself paying for a new eyeshadow palette ever again. It’s a win-win situation. Below, you’ll learn how you can do it.

Becoming a Micro-Influencer For Beauty Brands:

You heard that right. We’re talking free makeup. Interested? Continue reading for more details.

The fact is, you can use your social media accounts to showcase to beauty brands that you know exactly what you’re doing and that you would make for a good micro-influencer to showcase their brand. Here are some of the key tips to follow to do so effectively. 

1. Post About Your Existing Makeup

One of the best things you can do is post about makeup that you already have in your makeup box. You want to start posting your favorite makeup across all of your social media accounts. Whenever you post a selfie or a picture with friends, tag the makeup brands that you are wearing. Whenever you think your makeup looks great, tag the brand and let them know how much you love wearing it.

A brand wants to know that you are a true fan of their products. If you are already raving about their product, they will know that you will continue to do so when they send you new product releases. They don’t want people that are questionable or who might not be thrilled about their products. 

If you don’t currently have makeup from any brands that you want to become an influencer for, you’ll want to try to acquire some. You can do this without spending money by taking advantage of free samples. You can get samples at your local makeup stores or by requesting them online. This can give you some products to work with so you can begin to showcase how you would be a brand ambassador for them. 

2. Use Personal Social Media Accounts

As mentioned, you want to start by using your social media accounts. Unless you are trying to become a major influence, it’s best not to separate things. Doing this is only going to cause you to have to start from ground zero. You want to try to leverage your existing network and connections. A brand is only going to be interested if you hold influence over your audience. Starting from scratch and trying to build a following that trusts you in a short amount of time is very difficult. Therefore, it’s best to simply stick with your accounts because you likely have a lot of relationships, followers, and trust established on them. To encourage new followers you can buy Instagram comments. The more activity that can be seen on your account the more it will attract.

While a lot of your friends and family likely aren’t following you because you are someone that delivers excellent makeup advice, usually they won’t mind if you start to use your account to promote brands. Try to limit it to one of your social platforms so you aren’t entirely flooding your friends and family’s social media with sponsored posts.

3. Use The Makeup

This is a very important tip. You’re not going to be helping anyone when you take a picture of that new lip gloss or lipstick you purchased. While showcasing the packaging is perfectly fine, the majority of people want to see how it looks on you. Because of this, you’re going to want to take a lot of pictures wearing the makeup you bought or that you received. 

A brand wants to know that you are a good person to send makeup to. To do that, you need to showcase how well you wear the makeup and that you aren’t going to position their product poorly.

4. Be Prompt

If a brand sends you some makeup, you need to ensure that you are posting the product promptly. A brand isn’t going to appreciate it if you post 3 months after they’ve debuted the brand new product. They are doing it as a part of their marketing mix. Because of this, they want influencers that are going to help push the new product to their respective audience sooner rather than later.

If you are in the initial stages of becoming a micro-influencer, you don’t want to post about old makeup. Instead, you want to keep up with the latest changes and trends. This can keep you in the light and show brands that you are a regular in the industry.

No follower wants to hear about a 5-year-old Urban Decay pallet. Instead, they want to hear about the latest and greatest releases. 

Perhaps the most important thing that you should be doing when you are trying to become a micro-influencer is to continue to be yourself. 

Using your creativity is a good way to make your content unique. It doesn’t matter if your audience only consists of your family or if it’s a bunch of strangers – try to be yourself.

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