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BeautyCon LA: Celebs Share Their Favorite Beauty Trends and Tricks

Viva Glam Magazine had a wonderful time at BeautyCon on Saturday July 11th. We met some wonderful vendors, engaged with passionate beauty and music fans, and interviewed some of our favorite celebs from Instagram, YouTube, and television. For tips from Zendaya, Chantel Jeffries, Megan Nicole, and more, read more below!

What are you favorite beauty trends of the season?

“For me, my new thing is faux freckles because every time I put makeup on, they get covered.
I’m going to make a tutorial on my YouTube [channel].” -Chantel Jeffries

“I’m really into the top knot right now. It’s great for keeping my hair out of the way.”

-Megan Nicole

“First and foremost, I’m a strong proponent for taking care of yourself from within. I’m a green smoothie drinker. I try to look for natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free products because as a planet, we’re supposed to be taking care of each other and the world we live in. That should go into all of our purchases as consumers, so I try to look for brands that follow that.” -Alyson Stoner

How do you experiment with beauty or makeup?

“I just have fun. If I’m going to a different event, I’ll just be, hey let’s try a color today! You just experiment. There’s a level of confidence you have to have to not wear makeup, and [another] level of confidence to wear makeup. It’s like paint! It’s like artistry on your face! That’s the thing people see the most.” -Zendaya

“I’ve been doing it for so long. If I like [a look], I’m going to try to emulate it. Or, if I’m not sure, I try different things that other people do and I adapt it to my own style. I like to use different makeup for different uses. I’ll use eyeliner for lips, or eyeshadow for this, [etc].
I used to always love do really bright eyeliners. Once in a while, if I’m really plain, I’ll just pop that on. It’s really cool.”
-Chantel Jeffries

“I feel like I experiment with beauty a lot through different colors. I went through a phase where I only wore colored eyeliner and I’m kinda getting back into that again. Same with lips. Sometimes I’ll only wear shades of pink, but other times I’ll be rocking a blue or a purple.”
-Megan Nicole

“I don’t have much extra money to buy a lot of products. I mostly buy from drugstores if I can find the ingredient list that’s appropriate. But I think to experiment with makeup it’s best to take one tool and try it out in several different ways for 30 minutes to an hour. With eyeliner, you can experiment with lining different parts of the eye, you make a cat eye, [etc]. It’s about finding fun ways to use the same thing and reinventing it every day.”
-Alyson Stoner

What’s your beauty secret?

“I don’t know if it’s a secret. Honestly, if you’re taking care of yourself, emotionally and physically, and that means taking care of your skin, your hair, with or without makeup you look good if you love yourself.” -Zendaya

How do you keep your skin looking fresh and clean for Instagram?

“I’m very good at washing my face. I use a Clarisonic. I feel very strongly about keeping your hands off your face because all of the bacteria. My mom [also] owns a spa so I’m very big on using all of her products.” -Aidan Alexander

Now…check out some of our photos from the red carpet and of some of our favorite moments at BeautyCon LA!

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Interviewing Chantel Jeffries

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Interviewing Megan Nicole

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Taking a selfie after our interview with Alyson Stoner

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Interviewing Zendaya

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