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Top Tips to Be Confident in Your Underwear

Being confident and comfortable in your underwear doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, whether the elastic digs in or something doesn’t quite fit you correctly. It can make stripping down to your lingerie a daunting experience, whether you are single or in a long-term relationship.

Ladies’ knickers are a thing of beauty, and getting it right can be a big deal! After all, your underwear can be integral to how your outfit looks and how you feel. Feeling good in your underwear can set the tone for the day ahead, so if you’ve never felt quite confident enough in your intimates, here are some top tips.

Comfort is the number one priority

There is no doubt that at some point you have forced yourself into a beautiful pair of knickers, despite them not feeling comfortable. That feeling of having to readjust yourself and wondering if everyone can tell shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s important to choose a style that you feel comfortable in, and then look for ways to embellish that style through beautiful fabric choices, lace details or colours. The fit should feel natural, with no rearranging necessary! This can do wonders for improving your confidence, as your underwear isn’t even a thought as you go about your day.

Seek advice if you’re not sure

It is easy for you to aimlessly browse the lingerie section overwhelmed by choice. How are you supposed to know which size you are or what style will look good under that dress you’re planning to wear at the weekend?

One of the first steps in feeling confident in your underwear is understanding the different styles and fits. This can equip you with the knowledge you need to buy the right pair for the occasion at hand. This means you’ll get the perfect fit every time, and can feel confident in your choice!

Treat yourself to a matching set

Sometimes, all you need to feel as though you have your life together is matching set of underwear. It can make you feel automatically more confident, even if no one else sees it. Whether it’s a big day at the office, or a big date, a beautiful matching bra and knickers can give you that little boost you needed.

Sometimes, wearing something sexy underneath your boring work outfit can make you feel a little bit better. Underwear that fits well can make you feel incredible, and if it just so happens to be made from delicate red silk and lace, even better!


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