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How to No-Show Lingerie on Your Date

You want him to know you’re wearing lingerie under your date-night dress, but not everyone else in the room needs to know. There’s an expression: “Less is more”, and while it doesn’t always ring true, when it comes to date-night lingerie, it certainly can. Listen up, ladies: in order to pull this one off, you’ll need to think outside of the box, get creative, and plan ahead.

Skip the Bows and Ruffles

There’s a time and a place for extreme frills and thrills under your dress. Date night? Probably not one of them. Why? Ruffles and bows are great for revealing in the bedroom, but they’ll show right through a dress. There’s nothing more unsightly than seeing bulk stuffed inside, or popping out of a dress. Consider instead showing your curves with lingerie that hugs them and is barely there. You’ll be much more comfortable, and you’ll look much better. Sleek is sexy.

Size is Everything

When it comes to lingerie, the perfect fit makes all the difference in the world. Take our advice: the very best thing you can do for those steamy nights where you want to look and feel your best? Wear lingerie that fits. Don’t guess at it, either. Head to your local Victoria’s Secret or lingerie shop and have a professional take your measurements. Not only will lingerie that actually fits look better when it’s all you’re wearing, it’ll look invisible under a tight dress .¨ no more panty lines, no more bra lines).

Forget the Corset

You may think a corset is necessary to rock that sexy little number on your date, but it’s definitely not. Corsets do trim the waist, but in doing so they add unnecessary bulk. Most importantly, let’s face it… corsets are incredibly uncomfortable. If you want to look comfortable on your date, you need to act comfortable. And if you’re going to act comfortable, you’re certainly not going to be wearing a corset.

Pay Attention to Your Bra

In case you hadn’t noticed, the lingerie industry is booming. Specifically for bras, there’s thousands of choices when it comes to size, cut, color, and material. That being said, don’t reach for the standard nude bra that you wear every day when you’re dressing up for your date. Think about the cut of your dress: is it strapless? Thin straps? Halter? There’s a bras made for every cut, so if you want your straps not to show… wear your bra accordingly.

Balance it Out

It’s important to keep in mind that the combination of lingerie and dress together shouldn’t reveal anything other than your shape. Steer clear of unnecessary bulk, excess material, and odd shapes that might show through. If your dress is incredibly thin, shop for thinner, laser cut or seamless lingerie. If your lingerie has just a big more substance, consider wearing a thicker fabric for your dress, or layer your clothing appropriately.

Lingerie can be done well, and achieve maximum results in terms of a reaction from your guy, even when done subtly. The most important thing to remember is that your lingerie should be a secret –
just for him – not an outfit that the world can see through your clothes. Finally, if you decide to forgo the lingerie and just go commando, make sure that dress is long enough so you don’t give anyone a show.


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