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Basic Fashion Tips for Men

We spoke with actor and model, Doug Jeffery, who had some quick and simple fashion tips for men this season.

Doug, as an actor and model, looking your best is always important.
What are some basic fashion tips that men quite often overlook?

Men fail to keep up with current fashion trends. Don’t be lazy. If you don’t want to change your haircut or your fashion style, you will be stuck in a rut.

After all, we all know the guy in the coffee shop who still has the 1970’s hair and sports clothing from his heyday. He would actually look 15 years younger if he changed.We can’t give up on the one thing we own which is us.

What is the most important must-have wardrobe accessory for spring?

I’m a big fan of having custom shirts made. But, I realize the time and cost of having shirts made. I had a dozen made that lasted me a good 7 years.
But now I’m in the market for new shirts again. I was thinking it is more cost effective to buy a shirt and get it tailored rather than altered. After all, a shirt that fits, you can see it a mile away vs. something that is bought off the rack. A well-fitted shirt shows that you care; people recognize and appreciate that.

A quick fashion tip: tie or no tie?

It is all relative to the occasion or situation you are placed in. I’m a big fan of George Clooney and his look, which is no tie. But it is your choice.

As long as you own it, it will work it either way.

What is the number one fashion mistake you see men making?

Improperly fitted clothing or not caring.

Both are one in the same. Recently, my brother went to a red-tie event. I was trying to let him use my clothes, but they didn’t fit. So, we bought him a suit.
He looked like a million bucks because we bought him something that fit his body, not mine.

If our readers want to follow your career, how would they do this?


Timeless Men’s Fashion Essentials

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