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Meet Our Beautiful Cover Model ASHLEY DIANA MORRIS

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Ashley is from Vancouver, Canada. This gorgeous diva was spotted during Dierks Bentley’s concert by Guess? Photographer Odette Sugarman and shortly after became a new face of Guess lingerie and swimwear. Viva Glam Magazine embraces the iconic beauty Ashley embodies and is very proud to make her a cover girl of its very first anniversary issue.

So, Ashley, it’s been a few months since we saw you, how’s everything?

Everything has been so wonderful and exciting.
I have barely been home! I’m getting more and more accustomed to flying and seeing some incredible places.
I have done more campaigns for other companies besides Guess? and just recently met with Victoria’s Secret!
My family and friends are all so excited for me and it should continue to be a really fun year for me as more doors open in the modeling world.

You’ve recently done a media tour in Canada and U.S.. How was the experience?

I learned really fast how to be comfortable in front of a live video camera. In comparison with a photo shoot with thousands of pictures to choose from, the live interviews can be much more intense. Some of the interviewers had great jokes and quick wit to help put me at ease… and keep me on my toes at the same time.

Did you meet any interesting people? If so, who was your favorite?

This is an easy one! I got to meet Oprah who is a huge inspiration to me.
She has such a magnificent energy around her and everything she said was so motivating and uplifting.
This was a moment in my life I will always cherish and I felt honored to have the chance to meet such a strong woman.

Finding the right representation for a new model can be very challenging. Did you know anyone in the modeling industry?

I didn’t know anyone so it made this journey a bit difficult in the start.
I always try to reach out and network and ask as many questions as possible.
Thankfully, I have run into a ton of people in the industry that have been more than willing to help and assist me.
My mother agent, Liz Bell, has been instrumental in helping to guide me and gain representation with the top agencies worldwide.
She gave me a chance and believed that my Guess campaign would be a springboard for me to make a powerful entrance into the fashion world.

Did you ever dream of being a model?

I always wondered what it would be like to be a Cover Girl or a Guess Girl or model for companies like Victoria’s Secret but never in my wildest dreams thought it would become a reality.
I spent many hours daydreaming in class growing up and still am in such disbelief of what my reality is right now. When I was 14, I submitted photos to a Guess? model search. I remember sitting by the phone hoping I would hear back. The phone unfortunately never rang that year. I suppose one could say that I was a late bloomer.

You are the epitome of what Viva Glam Magazine represents. Natural beauty inside and out with morals and values. Did people tell you growing up that you are beautiful and that you should model?

Thank you… you are making me blush!!! I was a bit heavier growing up and just in the last couple of years made the commitment to trimming down to a healthier body weight so I had been told that I was beautiful but being told that I should model wasn’t something that was a common comment in my life.

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