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Angelique Fawcette Talks About the Making of “Unbelievable!!!!!”

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We asked her about the power of negative thoughts and how one prevents negativity. Angelique shared, “One thing that helps me to keep the negative thoughts away, and I’m not perfect at it, is I say I want to be free of any negative thoughts. Just be free of them because then you can focus on something else. I have had times in my life when I’m not as strong at it, but I got back to where I needed to be. Being free of negative thoughts brought me out of bad heaviness.”

Another way she has promoted positivity in both her personal life and career is by joining an organization, Women and Film. She told us, “I joined Women and Film because it is important for women to be in groups together. It is important for women to empower each other and be happy for each other’s success. Because one success is all of our successes, it really truly is. More women need opportunities. There are women that are extremely creative, whether they are writers, producers, line producers, directors or actresses. It is a good thing.”

Angelique was able to join at the Executive Membership and was proud to have done so. She told us, “I was happy about it because I worked so hard on this film and gave every bit of myself. I’m proud to say that I was good at what I did. I know sometimes it is hard for people to own it, but I own it because I was good and I would love an opportunity to mentor other people. ”

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Angelique on set of “Unbelieveable!!!!”

Indeed, she does deserve it. So what advice does she have for a woman who wants to make her first movie? She boldly said, “Don’t ever give up. Don’t let anyone tell you no. Persevere. Go hard and go harder. Especially as a woman, people will tell you that you can’t do it. You have to ignore them and you have to be relentless. If you are making your first movie, you have to go big. You need to make all of the connections you can make. You need to be disciplined and get it done. Make sure you finish it. Don’t stop and say, ‘I’ve filmed it and everything is great.’ Finish it all the way. Being organized is huge and have integrity in your work. Treat people kindly. There are so many things you need to know.
People use the term ‘Go hard’ a lot. But I use it to mean don’t give up and don’t let people tell you no. People will demean you because you are doing something they want to do or maybe it is something they don’t believe you can do. You have to go harder than whatever their statement was. Power through it. Walk right by them. Trust me, I had many people tell me no, even family members and friends. I had professional people tell me, ‘You’re a woman.’

What does Angelique have next on the horizon? Acting? Producing? She told us, “I’m looking forward to working on the next projects. “Unbelievable!!!” was fun to do. The set days were so fun and I’ll never forget them for the rest of my life. When you make your first feature film, you never forget these people. You will do anything for them because they gave you the opportunity. Someone does something for you and you give back. It doesn’t mean the next films aren’t going to be as awesome and I won’t feel the same for them. But it is a little bit different because no one knew us (for “Unbelievable!!!!”) and they didn’t have to do it.
So I’ll always be grateful for the people who worked for us.”

Regarding producing and acting, she would like to continue doing both. She told us their next film is a beautiful Western. In fact, she’s a long time fan of “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” She said, “I want to do it right where people feel it. I want to bring the audience into it.” The other film they are working on soon after is a spiritual one about female empowerment.

Producer, actress, and mentor for women, Angelique Fawcette is a role model for anyone who is willing to work hard to attain their dreams so they truly can become “realities”.


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