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All you Need To Know About Tantouring, The Newest Beauty Trend

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Heavy makeup and many layers of facial products are so last century… if you didn’t know. Everyone from the A-listers to makeup artists to influencers to TikTok stars wants to go back to the basics by wearing little to no makeup. Obviously, they utilize cosmetic products to get that flawless, dewy look, and one of their major tricks is tantouring.

We can’t get enough of hearing about the latest and greatest in the world of beauty. It’s always beneficial and entertaining to brush up on one’s knowledge of appropriate tanning, skin care, contouring, and makeup application.

To those who want a tanned complexion all through the winter, this is your salvation. Tantouring refers to the practice of using skin care products, spray tan, and cosmetics together to achieve and maintain a semi-permanent golden complexion in the midst of winter.

So, let’s have a look at what tantouring entails and, as a bonus, give you some practical advice on how to tantour in the most effective manner possible.

All you Need To Know About Tantouring, The Newest Beauty Trend 2
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Photo By @madeupbykaty/Instagram

There is a thing, when you see seamless contouring believe it is a spray tan. A spray tan keeps you from a patchy look and indeed looks flawless on the skin.

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