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Beauty Side Hustles to Give a Go

With a surge in side hustle culture, you may have considered setting up a second stream of income for yourself. For a side hustle to be both profitable and sustainable, it is best to pick something in an area that you are passionate about. A beauty side hustle could be a great option, whether you’re a complete beginner, or have an existing skill already, here are just some of the options you could consider:


Nails can be a great side hustle for many reasons; firstly, they are easy to schedule around other commitments. Once you have completed your first few sets you will quickly gauge how long you need for each appointment, and you can then determine how many appointments you can fit in weekly. Doing nails is the perfect option if you are social and enjoy talking to people.

Once you have completed training you can practice on yourself as well as family and friends to improve your skills. Invest in a good quality LED nail lamp and some acrylic nail kits, to begin with. Whilst you don’t want to buy too much too soon, it is worth purchasing a good range of nail colours to make sure you have something to suit a wide variety of tastes.

Lash lifts and tints

Offering lash lifts and tints is a good option for a side hustle as it requires little commitment to begin with as you aren’t required to purchase a lot of equipment. These treatments are extremely popular as they allow people to be very low maintenance with their lashes once they have had them done.

Once you are trained, be sure to get some good before and after pictures of treatments you have delivered to use for marketing purposes to demonstrate the benefits of lifting and tinting lashes.

Unlike nails, to carry out these treatments clients will typically need to be laid down to achieve the best results, make sure you have a professional space available for this before you begin training.


This could arguably be the easiest beauty side hustle to start due to the likelihood of experience. Whilst you may have never done your own nails or lashes before, chances are you have done your own makeup. Therefore, these existing skills can be nurtured to create an ideal side hustle.

Unlike treatments such as nails or lashes, people are likely to want their makeup done far less frequently. This is perfect if you are looking to set up a side hustle but don’t have much time to commit.

As well as completing training, there are also plenty of free resources online that are really useful for expanding your makeup skillset and learning new techniques.

It is important to note that you should thoroughly research all necessary training and required insurance before carrying out any beauty treatments on anyone else, no matter what your level of experience or confidence.

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