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A Trendy Summer Guide To Women’s Shoes

With fashion being a very vast sector, especially among women, the footwear section is no exception. New models and designs are coming into the market almost every other day, and it can sometimes get overwhelming to keep track of all these interesting goods. For this year, most of the recent styles deviate towards a more statemental yet comfortable presentation with a tint of playfulness. Do not worry, for we have come up with a curated list of the best footwear trends this summer that you should definitely know about. We have also included a few styling tips and suggestions that you might like. 


Though this was a very popular trend a few decades back, colored, patterned, and playful prints are now back in fashion. This summer, many leading brands for women’s shoes have come up with platform shoes and sandals which incorporate these designs into their high platforms. This endeavor has been greatly welcomed by the motivated public, as the combination of these pretty patterns with the chunky heels of the platforms is a really good combination. Apart from this, there are platform slides that are gaining popularity as well, as it is a good middle ground between comfort and style.


Though the slides have been hot on the fashion scene for a few years now, the correct inclusion does stand out from its preceding designs.  Currently, there are several luxury and sustainable fashion brands around the world who have come up with sliders to match the playful and rogue vibe with unique combinations. For example, there are logo print slides and holographic slides which are focussed on creating a statement. On the other hand, other designers have attempted to combine this comfortable piece of footwear into something sophisticated by adding a heel feature or even just simple flats with embellishments, etc. Either way, this seems like a very comfortable way to stay fashionable, right?


Yes, this is a relatively old trend, but wait, there’s more. The mules of this season come with a distinct color choice which is pretty new as mules are usually associated with rather formal and dull shades. These mules are now filled with fresh and quirky designs and come in a variety of material variants as well. The especially notable ones would be the PVC mules with attached details like sequins which add an element of fun and chic.

Strappy sandals and heels

These Greek-styled slippers, though almost a staple for any beachy closet, are slowly making their way back onto the hot fashion trends. Anyways, who’s to complain because these showy yet simple designs are really pleasant when paired with the perfect summer outfit.


With the very comfortable yet impactful platform sandals and heels, get ready to rock your beachy summer or a sophisticated one. Do take a look at these interesting shoe options at San Marina for a better idea and to keep track of all the latest trends.

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