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Platform Heels are the Talk of the Town RN

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Remember those Barbie heels we once hated? Well, they are back with a bang! And not only are Barbies wearing them but divas are wearing them all around the globe, too. After spending days stuck at home during the pandemic, people have gotten into more colors and vibrant trends. They are eager to showcase bits of ‘wow’, and platform heels are one of those sources.

Platform heels come in a variety of styles and colors, but the most adored ones are those in fluorescent colors. This fashion movement got its start during the Fall/Winter 2021 show that was put on by Versace. The Italian fashion house displayed a variety of satin and leather variants in bright colors.

After Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande were seen wearing the shoes in real life, other companies such as Valentino quickly followed suit by releasing footwear with a similar designs. Moreover, there are a number of ways you can style them and wear them, which we have listed below. Read on, and select your favorite to rock in.

Platform Heels Are The Talk Of The Year 1
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Photo By @taramays25/Instagram

Won’t it look great if you match your bag with your platform heels? Oh! Of course, it will look great. Platform heels are just another way of showing off your aesthetic fashion sense.

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