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7 Facts That You Need To Know About Medical Marijuana

You do not have to take pharmaceutical drugs to treat physical and mental illnesses if you do not want to. Research shows that marijuana is a highly effective treatment for many different health conditions. If you are fortunate enough to live in a place where the drug has been legalised then you should try and get a prescription for it; obtaining a medical marijuana permit is not that difficult provided your health condition is treatable by the drug. This post will explore the topic of medical marijuana in a little more detail by telling you facts that you need to know:

1.    Legal Status

One of the first things you need to know is that despite marijuana’s widespread legalisation some states still forbid its use recreationally. Most permit medical use, however. For example in Mississippi medical marijuana is legal whereas recreational marijuana is not. Being caught using or cultivating marijuana for recreational purposes and without a permit can get you into trouble and in extreme cases result in imprisonment or hefty fines being levied against you. Before you begin using the drug to treat your health problems you need to make sure that your state government allows you to do so. Illegal use is not worth the punishments it can result in.

2.    Promising Treatment

As a healthcare treatment marijuana holds a lot of promise. Research shows that it can be used to treat a broad range of conditions ranging from serious mental illnesses to certain cancers and even chronic pain; if you are planning on using the drug to treat health conditions of your own then you need to make sure that your problems are actually treatable by it. While marijuana holds a lot of promise there is no guarantee that it can treat your illness. Ensure that the drug has been used to treat the same condition that you have in studies before you try and use it. Medical studies are usually published online and made available to the public for free.

3.    Widely Available

Despite marijuana’s illegality in some states, it is still widely available. In no way shape or form does this post endorse the illegal use of drugs of any kind, however; notwithstanding this post’s stand on drug use you can still technically use the plant as long as you do not get caught. One of the dangers of buying marijuana on the street is that it is usually laced with synthetic chemicals in order to increase the drug’s strength. In states where the drug is legalised for recreational and medicinal use, it’s common to find dispensaries in large towns and cities. If you plan on visiting a dispensary read their reviews first and make sure their produce is good.

4.    Organic Status

As mentioned in the previous section street marijuana is usually laced with chemicals in order to boost its strength and make it more potent. Dispensaries and professional growers do not do this; however, they do sometimes grow the plant in chemical fertiliser. Studies show exposure to chemical fertiliser can be very bad for people’s health. If you do not make a proactive effort to avoid plants grown in chemicals then you could end up developing health problems as a consequence later on down the line. A good way to avoid such products and plants is to smoke organic marijuana. In states where the plant has been legalised finding organic marijuana is not hard to do. All you have to do to find it is conduct a simple internet search.

5.    Street Purchases

Buying marijuana on the street can be dangerous, as mentioned earlier on. You are at a greater risk of buying marijuana that has been grown in and sprayed with synthetic chemicals on the street. When you buy the drug from street dealers you are also supporting crime. Bear in mind that in states where the drug has been legalised recreationally and medicinally more or less, anyone can cultivate their own marijuana and then sell it for profit. You do not need a license to do this unless you are planning on selling more than a specified amount. If you do plan on buying street marijuana then it is your responsibility to make sure that the dealer from whom you are buying it is not breaking the law. Supporting crime might not be a prosecutable offence but it is morally wrong.

6.    CBD Content

CBD or Cannabidiol is the chemical found in marijuana that experts say holds the most promise as a healthcare treatment; it is commonly isolated and sold on its own without any of the other cannabinoids present in marijuana. CBD’s promise as a healthcare treatment has led to its legalisation even in countries that have very draconian marijuana and drug laws. If you are somebody who’s interested in using marijuana for health reasons but that does not want to get high, CBD is for you. The chemical is non-psychoactive and therefore does not produce a high. It is perfect for individuals reluctant to try marijuana because they do not want to get intoxicated. Intoxication is not for everyone after all.

7.    Specific Illnesses

As mentioned earlier on in this post before you can begin using marijuana to treat health problems you need to make sure that it is actually a viable treatment for them. Do not make the mistake of blindly using it in the hope of treating your health issues. Such behaviour is like taking paracetamol to treat cancer, while it might take the edge off it’s not going to treat the underlying problem. If you plan on using marijuana for health reasons then most experts recommend talking to a physician. Your family physician will be able to tell you whether or not it is a good idea and if your health condition is actually treatable by the drug. If it transpires it is not then there is no sense in using it for anything other than pure recreation.

Marijuana is a great way of treating health problems, physical and mental. If you are interested in using it then take the advice given here and reach out to your physician. Attempting to self-medicate is unwise and strongly recommended against by members of the healthcare community.

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