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7 Celebrity Fall Makeup Trends That Will Get You All Glammed Up

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Looking for a way to steer your fall makeup game in a new direction? Considering that celebrities have access to the best glam gurus in the industry and every makeup product under the sun, there’s no doubt that they have the power to set trends. This season, A-listers are serving bold and bright makeup looks as if summer has not ended. However, there’s something for everyone including makeup minimalists. Some of the fall makeup trends are sticking around since summer and others bring fresh new ways to elevate your beauty routine. Feast your eyes on the seven prettiest fall makeup trends that will get you all glammed up like a celebrity.

Euphoria-Inspired Makeup

celebrity fall makeup trends
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Photo By @lisaeldridgemakeup/Instagram

The Euphoria effect is still alive and well, inspiring celebrity makeup artists to bolden up their clients’ makeup looks. From colorful to rhinestone-embellished makeup looks, the red carpet has never been so daring when it comes to makeup.

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