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Pumpkin Hair Color is Trending Ahead of Halloween

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Halloween enthusiasts are turning their hair orange ahead of this fun holiday. We’ve noticed a boost in posts inspired by the vibrant colors of Halloween on Instagram where people showcase their fresh dye jobs. If you’re like us thinking that one night of the year isn’t enough to celebrate this holiday, the pumpkin trend will help you preserve the Halloween spirit all year round. In a time when warm hues are trending in the hair department, the timing for pumpkin hair color couldn’t be better. Not to mention that some of the most trending fall dye jobs are in the red, orange and copper color range, giving you yet another reason to hop on the pumpkin hair trend. Check out the coolest Halloween-inspired dye jobs below.

pumpkin hair halloween trend
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Photo By @anna_althair/Instagram

Ask your hairstylist to use the dip dye hair coloring technique if you want to achieve this bold orange/black Halloween color effect. The best thing is that this holiday-inspired dye job will transition into a wearable, toned down color as your hair grows and the color fades out.

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