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Sombre Hair Color Is The Perfect Transitional Trend For Fall

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Hair color was simple back in the day. You would go lighter for summer, darker for fall and try a new color now and then. Nowadays you have an array of possibilities from food and beverage-inspired hair trends to celebrity-approved wearable hair colors that make you book in the salon more often than ever. When it comes to hair coloring techniques, there are the all-time favorites ombre and balayage, classics such as highlights and lowlights, and newer techniques such as midlighting and gloss smudging. In fall 2019, it seems that a more subtle coloring technique will throw shade to the beloved ombre. Meet “sombre,” the next big thing in the hair department according to hairstylists. Below you can find out all the details about this new natural-looking dye job.

Sombre Hair Trend
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Photo By @king140710/Instagram

Pros explain that the “s” in sombre stands for subtle. It’s a toned-down version of the ombre, a perfect transitional technique to take your hair from sunny summer to moody fall.

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