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6 Signs That He’s Totally Whipped, but in a Good Way

Whipped or Simply Smitten?

So, you and the beau are off to a great start. Things have been going smoothly, but lately he’s been receiving a lot of slack from his friends and you’ve been getting a lot of whiplash from yours. Apparently, they feel like you have him on all fours and catering to your every beck and call; whipped, they call it. No way, you say. He is just totally smitten with you is all. And look at you, fabulous; how could anyone live without you?

6 Signs He is Whipped

Still is he simply crushing on you or is he on the verge of crazy in love with you? And, how can you be sure? There is smitten adoration and full blown whipped. Here are ten ways you can tell he is whipped. and in a good way!

1. He’s Mentioned You Before

If you’re just meeting the friends and family, yet they know your favorite color and middle name. chances are he’s mentioned you before. He probably hasn’t noticed how often he has brought your name up, but – rest assured- his friends have. This isn’t unusual for any guy thinking of taking a relationship serious; however, if they also know the entirety of your life’s story, down to that embarrassing first kiss in grade school, there is good reason to pause. There is no doubt he is head-over-heels whipped for you and the constant mention of your name has only cause he friends to acknowledge it as well.

2. He Doesn’t Mind Your Dirty Laundry

Laundry, grocery shopping, running errands, and even checking up on your mail; he doesn’t mind doing the little things. However, there might come a point where he seems connected at your hip and always holding your hand. It can be cute and extremely charming for a while. Who wouldn’t mind a helping hand doing the boring stuff?

3. He Finds You Attention-Worthy

There is nothing sexier than a guy giving you his undivided attention when you really need it. The ability to put down his iPhone and put his plans on hold is a sure sign that he is more than just smitten with you. He also takes you serious enough to take a serious moment out of his day to ensure your well-being.

4. The Love Factor

This may be an issue early on; however, couples that have been going steady for a while should have no problem saying the “L-Word”. Getting him to say I love you in front of the guys is a sure sign that he is whipped and definitely in a good way. Public displays of affection don’t bother him. He’s even romantic enough to take you to those nice couple restaurants; the one with the romantic table-side singers and good wine.

5. He’s All Thumbs for You

There isn’t a moment you’re not on his mind, so, he is constantly sending cute texts to say so and even tweeting your name to the world. Even if it is just to say hi or check in on your day, to him a simple phone chat isn’t enough. And if he can’t reach you by phone, he is sure to tag you on Facebook. Yeah- he is a little more than smitten with you.

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