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Exercises for Perfect Calves

Summer is Coming to an End – Winter Parties Await

As the summer heat fizzles out and we get ready to pack away our bikinis, VIVA GLAM is prepping for even hotter winter nights and dazzling Holiday parties. Why are we so psyched about the Winter Holidays, you ask? Because this is the season of fun with family and friends.

When getting ready for holiday parties, you have a moment to embody Eartha Kitt and expose a little leg like Angelina Jolie while strutting your stuff link you’re on a high end runway. Fortunately, there is still time before we’re hard pressed to start shopping for dresses and gowns from the hottest fashion designers. Let’s make sure we’re ready with perfect calves for the holidays with three sweat free toning exercises.

1. Planks Side Leg Lifts

While this is an exercise meant to tone your entire core, especially your abs, its benefits to your calves are geared towards strengthening them in a calm manner. It also doesn’t require you to break a sweat. By lying flat on your abdomen, lifted slightly by your elbows placed directly beneath your shoulders, lift one leg vertical to the floor. With your leg still alleviated parallel to the ground lift your hips and maintain a point in your toes. Hold this plank style exercise for 30-60 seconds before relaxing back to the ground, releasing your leg, and then repeat with the alternating side.

2. Tip Toe Chair Squats

Taking advantage of a chair for leverage, this exercise focuses on your inner thigh, calves, and abs. Get yourself next to a chair with your hand in place on the seat. Bring your legs together, placing a leg between your knees for comfort and balance if needed, rising onto the balls of your toes. With your chest lifted and spine straight, begin to squat as if seating yourself in an invisible chair. As your body descends, lift your free hand overhead and allowing it to rest at your side as you return to standing position.

3. Lunge Combo

A quick set of these will have your thighs and calves in shape in no time! Standing with your feet widely parted, arms by your sides, and rotating your hips side to side, make sure to keep your chest elevated and back straight as you begin. Bends your knees firmly while extending your arms outwards and up from your body. Remaining in form, turn your right leg inwards to lunge to the left, simultaneously folding your extended arms inwards. Return to position by opening your hips and finish by standing upright.

Getting the perfect calves for winter is only a matter of timing. Get in the habit of implementing these exercises ahead of winter into your normal work-out routine. Within a matter of weeks, you’re sure to have remarkable calves fit for that magnificent holiday dress you plan to wear.

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