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6 Brilliant Ways of Improving the Value of a Home

The value of a home depends on what buyers want in the real estate market. For instance, some buyers may pay attention to location factors like availability of schools and infrastructures, while others will just be satisfied with the condition of a home. However, a smart buyer will consider both factors. 

When you have the plans of reselling your home, you can visit to view some of the home listings to have an idea of how you should add value. Some of the ideas that can help you add value to a home may range from simple to complex. Therefore, narrow down to the following rundowns to know some of the brilliant ways you can use to add value to your home. 

Consider Landscaping

Healthy lawns with lush greenery and bright flowers can nourish you from within by reducing your stress and providing you with oxygen. When a house is on a listing, all the effort you put on your garden will reap more benefits, like adding its value. 

Landscapers and professional realtors agree that gardening can add your home’s value by 20%, but you will have to apply smart ideas. Some of these ideas include:

  • Adding the correct texture and color
  • Planting trees and herbs
  • Matching your garden with the architectural style of your home
  • Increasing privacy

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Most buyers can stake high for a home with thoughtful finishes and high-end upgrades. Typically, several upgrade projects guarantee a perfect return on investment (ROI). You can buy new cabinet designs like rustic to have a modern, inviting, and warm kitchen space. 

You may also consider high gloss cabinets to upgrade your kitchen. These cabinets are simple to clean when using a damp and soft rag. If you also want to saturate the tone and brighten your kitchen, you can enhance your high gloss cabinets with wood grain and color. However, if you need more upgrades, you can consider:

  • Changing the floors
  • Enhancing the lighting
  • Painting the walls of the kitchen
  • Replace Windows

Choosing new windows to replace them with old ones depends on factors like style, efficiency, cost, material, and quality. For example, casement windows allow natural light that makes homes look more pleasant and brighter. This, in turn, will help you reduce the electricity bills because the windows will let in enough lighting to your home. However, if you need something classic, consider buying vinyl windows because they require little maintenance and last for many years. 

Paint Your Home

Painting is an effective and easy way of adding value to your home. Most buyers value the curb appeal of a home, so if your walls have a bright, faded, and chipped color, you should consider having it repainted. Mostly, homebuyers prefer neutral colors with a coordinating trim because they look more attractive. Some of these neural colors include navy blue, white, beige, brown, and gray. 

Alternatively, you can try new or bold colors to achieve a customized look. Examples of these colors are off-white and soft blue. Such colors will make your home look more welcoming and modern, and may increase your property’s value. 

Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are important areas of a home, but some people overlook them. Updating your bathroom is one way of adding value to your house. These updates are based on improving the style and function of your bathroom. 

Adding a new bathroom to your home is a complex project, which needs a contractor and other specialized professionals. However, this project guarantees that it can increase the value of your home by 20%. 

If you have enough bathrooms, you can consider some electrical and structural upgrades that may cost you a few dollars. Some of the upgrades that you may consider are:

  • Replacing sinks, bathtubs, and showers
  • Improving the countertops
  • Changing the style of flooring
  • Install Smart Technology

Home automation is an important investment, which you can use to increase the value of a home. A house with smart technology is characterized by solid security, cheaper energy, intelligent lighting, and unique entertainment options. 

Typically, there are many smart techs that you can install in your home. Some of them include smart thermostats and leak detectors. Smart thermostats are programmable devices, which learns your living preferences and patterns to offer you a comprehensive energy breakdown. 

You can also install leak detectors that can help you prevent frozen pipes and shut off leaking pipes. The best thing about these smart techs is that you can integrate them with your smartphone to get an alert in case there is a problem at home. 

Adding a Home’s Value – Upgrade Process is Key!

Your home can be attractive with general cleaning and some sprucing up. Complex projects like adding an extra room may reap a lot of benefits, but you will have to invest a lot of money and time. However, if you are low in cash, minor upgrades, such as painting, can also surprise you by making a big difference to your home’s value.

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