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5 Ways to Beat the Work From Home Blues

Another year after the pandemic has come to an end, but we are yet to recover from the trauma. 

While some people are regularly commuting to their workplaces, many are still working from home, juggling work and family commitments at the same time, and often struggling to get both right.

There’s no denying that working from home has several benefits, but on the other hand, minimal social interaction is making us miserable. We have the time and location freedom but at the cost of our mental wellbeing. 

If you are someone who isn’t comfortable going back to the office but can’t maintain your sanity while working from home either, you are not alone in this sentiment. Many people like you are suffering from ‘work from home anxiety’. It’s not an official term yet, but you can feel it, and in fact, are living it. The worst part is, you are unable to pinpoint a reason that’s making you feel this way.

So, how do you beat the stress and anxiety that came out of nowhere? Here are 5 actionable ways to do so.

#1 Get a Gaming Console

A quick heads-up: this can be addictive. Remember how we as kids would stay glued to our PlayStations all day long? Well, that love for video games was lost somewhere along as we grew up. As you are reading this, you might think it’s not going to work but trust us as we say once you get your hands on one of these gaming consoles, you will be hooked forever. Shooting down zombies between work can be a great stressbuster, isn’t it?

All you have to do is find an interesting game and raise hell.

#2 Make-Up

A make-up session can be therapeutic for you, especially when you are living alone. And you don’t have to be heading out or find an excuse to put that foundation on. Do it as a breather or to feel confident about yourself. Also, who doesn’t want to look pretty on Zoom calls? 

#3 Take Time-Off

Slaving away Monday through Friday and going out on weekends for grocery shopping – that’s not what you signed up for. You need to pamper yourself after a long week at work, and retail therapy doesn’t count. Take some time off from work and plan a vacation to somewhere you haven’t been before. Flying to North Carolina’s Outer Banks is one great way to spend your extended weekend. It’d be better if you drove up there; the 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway offers several scenic views and attractions along the way.

And as you arrive in the Outer Banks, book one of the premium OBX rentals to enjoy the majestic ocean view while you cozy up in your Queen-size bed. 

It’s also a great destination for families and kids, with tons of watersports, fishing, and hiking activities on offer.

#4 Dine-Out

All the fare and fuel prices that you have been saving by working from home can be put to better use. Pick any two days of the week for a dine-out in a local restaurant. This will help you break the monotony in some sense and give you a little breather from cooking hassles. For most people, eating out on Monday and Thursday makes them feel better, but you can pick any combination of days that works for you.

#5 Structure Your Day

Do you often feel like you have been working all day long and still not getting enough work done? This usually happens when you try to multitask or do things at the wrong time. By structuring your day, you can bring order to your everyday routine and know what to expect.

With family commitments and raging deadlines at work, the clouds of stress are bound to shadow your happiness. But that’s not the end of the world. Get back up and take control of your life and reward yourself for the good work from time to time.

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