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5 Steps to Getting Longer, Healthier Supermodel Hair

Victoria LeClaire is a vegan product developer for top skin care, makeup, and hair brands for the past eight years.

“I knew I wasn’t the only woman struggling with hair loss, breakage, and damage, and it’s so devastating for so many.” shares Victoria Le Claire.

After her hair began breaking and falling out due to stress, she poured all of her resources into creating the most powerful hair growth, volume, and repair shampoo and conditioner with Growth-Genesis, to reduce hair loss, mend split ends, and grow longer, sexier super model-looking hair. All ingredients are clinically proven to increase hair growth and repair instantly as well increased results over time.

“I wanted to create a solution that was healthy, natural, and vegan, using clinically proven ingredients but staying away from all of the bad things like parabens and sulfates etc which are in 90% of hair products, are illegal in Europe, and have been linked to hair loss, breakage and certain diseases.” she explains.

While she recommends using her brand of shampoo and conditioner, she’s also recommending these five steps to increase hair growth, volume, and repair your hair naturally without breaking the bank.

1) Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich with essential fats, amino acids, and vitamins that help heal and repair keratin in the hair. Coconut oil is also anti-fungal which helps reduce dandruff naturally. Put 1/2 cup of Raw Coconut oil on your scalp and throughout hair once a week at night as a hair mask. Shampoo and condition the next day with a hair growth shampoo or conditioner.

2) Drink Water

This sounds easy but dehydration is a major cause of hair fall out and loss. Drink three extra large glasses of natural spring water which is rich with essential minerals for health that promote healthy hair!

3) Exercise

Increasing the blood flow to the scalp helps increase health, immunity, and reinforce the strength of the hair follicle while also cleansing and normalizing hormone imbalances to reduce breakage and fall out.

4) Scalp Massage

When shampooing with a sulfate-free, natural shampoo, spend a little extra time massaging your scalp with your fingers and nails. This helps break up glycation which causes hair fall out, and also helps the shampoo absorb more easily into the scalp, delivering natural and healing ingredients where it’s needed most. Chinese medicine practitioners know the importance of scalp massage for these reasons!

5) Sun Shine

It’s important to allow the scalp to get sunlight in moderation. Change up where you part your hair, to allow vitamin D production in the skin on the scalp – for the sunlight to hit all over – but be sure to use a little natural, paraben-free hair growth conditioner with botanicals as a leave in on the ends of your hair before going out in the sun for long periods of time. This helps protect from UVA/UVB damage while still allowing the vitamin D production to occur in the scalp! The healthier the scalp, the healthier the hair will be.

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