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Photos of Ruby Rose That Will Make You Want to Chop Off Your Locks

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Hollywood is filled with beautiful, glamorous celebrities. Of course. Every year we seem to notice a new batch getting more popular and more gorgeous. However, every year there also seems to be a couple of standouts that genuinely appear to be flawless. Who can forget the Ruby Rose era? Realistically, we’re still in it aren’t we? The Australian beauty blew us all away with her edgy glam look and insanely beautiful face. Aside from the comparisons drawn between her and Justin Bieber, the actress/model/DJ has primarily gained infamy for her beauty. As with most celebrity standouts, Ruby Rose has a distinct feature that she’s known for: her hair! That bold chopped pixie cut is generally identified as Ruby Rose hair- and we love it.

Ruby always seem to be on the pulse of beauty trends; she has even collaborated with Urban Decay for their bold new lipstick line a while ago! From her edgy smoky eyes and bold lips to her chopped hair- she can do no wrong. Pixie cuts have been all the rage over the past few years. We’ve seen countless celebrities chop off their locks, but Ruby Rose still manages to stand out among the rest.

People often steer clear of pixie cuts. Whether because they’re a scary change or because they worry they can’t style it anymore. Well, we’re here to use Ruby Rose as our poster girl for why you should go for it! Without fail, Ruby seems to have a different hairstyle every single time we see her. Whether she braids it or pushes it back or slicks it down, she keeps her pixie cut looking versatile at every event!

If you’re like us and looking for that dose of courage to convince you to chop your locks off once and for all, then allow us to show you how you can! We’ve stalked Ruby’s Instagram -who are we kidding, we’re constantly stalking her Instagram… Her Instagram is packed full of her many different shoots and red carpet appearances. With each photo she gives us one more reason to chop our hair off, so let’s stroll down this lane of pixie cut goals together!

Ruby Rose Hair Goals

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