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10 Life Skills Every Modern Woman Should Have

By Jessica Smith

Women have always been admired for their innate skills and ability to do or learn even more than what men could ever do. But somehow, overall women preferred not to enter into certain zones or do certain tasks (mostly due to societal influence) and hence depended on their male counterpart. This scenario has changed today, as women of the modern world know that being dependent won’t empower them in any manner. The empowerment of women is not merely about being financially independent. It is about being able to become self-reliant and confident to face any barrier or blockage life throws on you.

Here is a list of 10 life skills every modern woman needs to know that cannot limit their identity to any criteria.

1. Know Your Finances

Whether you are earning or not, you should thoroughly know how to handle your finances very well. You should know where to invest, avoid useless spending, handling taxes and accounts, plan for retirement, choosing right insurances and so on. The whole idea that women are weak in handling finances should altogether be thrown away into the pit.

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2. Security of Oneself and Others

Self-confidence comes from being able to defend and protect oneself from any unwanted situations. Security is necessary for several spheres of life, and this can be guaranteed in a few ways-

Learn self-defense: If you don’t know it yet, now is the time. Take a self-defense course and learn how to deal with any attacker; know what to carry in your bag (pepper spray, nail file or any self-defense kit).

Cyber security: In this internet-driven age, knowing about cyber security can help keep your money and other confidential details safe. Learn to keep your internet accounts secure by knowing its settings and what might intrude your privacy.

3. Learn to Change Tires

According to an NBC news report, 60% of people do not know how to change a flat tire. During such an unavoidable occurrence on an empty road, you may have to change the tires for bikes or cars. For an independent woman, riding a bike is quite thrilling. But riding should come along with know-how in maintenance skills. Know your vehicle well and understand its requirements. There are several types of tires and several other aspects to be verified before making the right purchase.

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4. Home Maintenance

You cannot call for a carpenter, electrician or a plumber every time you need some maintenance work to be done around your home. It’s best to train yourself for any home maintenance work that might pop up any time without invitation. You need to keep your tool pouch ready with all necessary accessories for repairs. Grab yourself one today and be ready to showcase your skills. 

Of course, not all repairs (such as drain repairs) can be done by yourself. In this case, it’s recommended that you go with an expert instead. For example, if you’re looking to hire expert plumbers for your drain repairs we recommend a company called Absolute DP.

5. Trust Yourself

Learn to trust yourself and your capabilities. No one can limit your boundaries except you. The world will accept you and recognize your identity only when you have that self-belief.

6. Put Your Oven into Use

Do you love to eat? If you are a big foodie, you should also know how to cook lip-smacking vegan dishes that can leave your guests amazed. Nothing can beat knowing how to bake vegan brownies. Children, guests or friends who have come over can be served with your signature recipe. Learn some amazing vegan brownie recipes to make your guests go gaga over your talent.

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7. Stay Healthy

Women tend to avoid their symptoms of health deterioration and focus more on keeping others satisfied. You should learn to stay fit, know your present and past ailments well, visit the doctor often for breast examinations, and visit a gym regularly. Dedicating some time for your fitness can do wonders to you and your environment. Get yourself some gym outfits to look best for a workout.

8. Understanding Legal Contracts

Contract signings during lease agreements should not be confusing or else it might take a toll on you. Reading clauses of documents is very crucial before signing. Never skip going through everything in detail and state if anything is not okay with you. Go through some guides online to understand more about it to help you stay cautious.

9. Indulge in Small Talks

Modern woman should believe in conveying or communicating clearly through small talks. It will show how well expressive one can be without indulging in useless conversations, saving time and energy.

10. Let Your Hair Down

Once in a while let your hair down and pamper yourself. Dine alone, travel alone, groom yourself and gain additional knowledge.

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 Everyone wants to breathe in the fresh air of independence not having to count on anyone for assistance. Modernization has lowered down the difference between what men and women can do, both physically and intellectually. Attaining some life-saving skills will add on to your personality which is already glowing with inherent virtues of womanhood.

About the Author:

Jessica is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, she believes that a healthy diet is a key to healthy living.


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