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10 Beauty Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2021, According to the Experts

Self-care is more than just a buzzword especially after going through an extended lockdown brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us spent the bulk of 2020 at home and did not have much of an opportunity to go out and pamper ourselves. 

Practicing self-care is a way to assert our importance, even just to ourselves. Unsurprisingly, dozens of new beauty trends have popped up in the last year to take advantage of the rise of self-care practices.

Guest author Conrad Brennan focuses on the importance of self-care whether we are in lockdown or out of lockdown. Here are the 10 beauty trends we feel will define 2021. Get to know more about Conrad Brennan.

1. Scalp care

Dandruff is a serious issue, but scalp care goes beyond that. The popularity of essential oils is expected to move into scalp care, where their calming effects have a clearer path toward your bloodstream. 

Scalp scrubs and serums are rapidly gaining popularity among younger folks, and we expect the trend to expand to older people in due time. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford branded scrubs and serums, you should consider an age-old technique of using warm coconut oil to massage your scalp on a weekly basis and then wash it away under a warm shower.

2. Luxury bath products

With more people spending time at home, their bathrooms become even more of a sacred space. And what better way to respect that by ensuring that it is well-stocked with the best products out there?

Turn your ordinary bathroom into your very own personal spa with just a few luxury touches such as hand-made body scrubs, candles, and jade rollers. 

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3. Beauty peels and masks

Face masks became super popular in 2020 due to the pandemic “maskne” or acne caused by moisture and dirt trapped against one’s face due to wearing a face mask is a serious cause for concern among people who spend the majority of their waking hours wearing them. 

Some of the latest innovations in the field include digital LED masks and beauty peels and masks with unique ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal and tiger grass. We anticipate even options in the coming months.

4. Microbiome-Friendly Skin Treatments

Exfoliation has long been the number-one way of obtaining a brighter, shinier complexion. While effective, exfoliation’s price is rapidly becoming obvious, with overzealous exfoliators now having to battle with sensitive skin.

Microbiome-friendly skin treatments eschew exfoliation completely, focusing instead on rehydrating sensitive skin. As more people become aware of the toll exfoliation takes on our skin, expect microbiome-friendly to be more widespread in skincare labels.

5. Claw Clips

A standby of any young girl’s accessory bag, claw clips are a low-maintenance way of elevating your look on the cheap. Widely available for budgets of all sizes, claw clips are sure to remain trendy in 2021’s post-pandemic landscape. 

6. Celebrity Brands

Exemplified by product lines such as Jennifer Lopez’s JLo Beauty and Rihanna’s Fenty Skin, the celebrity-driven beauty brand trend is alive and kicking, with no signs of abating in 2021.

7. Polyglutamic Acid

Polyglutamic Acid is a humectant that helps alleviate the dryness of one’s skin after prolonged usage of face masks. This chemical builds a thin film on your skin’s surface, which prevents moisture loss and erases fine lines.
As face masks become more commonplace, look for this ingredient to make a splash in the beauty scene this 2021. 

8. Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is one of the few makeup segments that kept its popularity during the worst of 2020. With face masks covering almost everything but our eyes, expect eye makeup to remain trendy for the rest of 2021.

9. Inclusivity and diversity

The beauty industry has received its fair share of dings for being so focused on White people, but the emergence of Black- and brown-owned beauty lines has helped create a more equitable space for beauty of all kinds. Whatever complexion you have, you can find beauty solutions that work perfectly for what you have. 

10. Biotech Beauty 

Biotech beauty hinges on lab-made ingredients to produce beauty products that are sustainable and cheap enough for the masses. 


Our top 10 list of beauty trends is neatly balanced to give you the option of splurging and treating yourself to a fantastic makeover or working with a tight budget and focusing on the areas that you need to work on the most.

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