Top 3 Handmade Soap & Skincare Lines You Want to Know About

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GUNAS New York
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1) L. E. H. Soap Company

L.E.H. Soap Company sells handmade soap and skincare products made with natural ingredients and pure love. You can blatantly smell the difference. It’s a family owned business located in the heart of Smithsville, NJ, a quaint, cozy town that showcases an array of rustic shops. They have everything from body soaps, lip balms, sugar scrubs, hair care, room sprays, and candles.

It was a hard daunting decision but I purchased the “Snow Angel” room spray just in time for the holiday season. Everything is hand crafted using only the best ingredients. It contains distilled water, fragrance or essential oil, and ethyl alcohol. Only $6.95 per bottle!

Each product is free of parabens, sulfates, and is totally cruelty-free. Good thing, no animals were harmed in the making. Simply spray a scent of Christmas, prancing reindeer, and reminisce of your childhood snow angel making days.





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