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The Sobriety Movement – Wellness Trend of 2017

Now that the New Year’s buzz has worn off, let’s talk about something important: sobriety. You know as well as we do that alcoholism has ruined many families and homes, and if you are among those affected, it probably infuriates you to see just how much of a joke the world and the mainstream media makes alcoholism out to be. There are joking phrases like “I’m going to go get blackout drunk” or “I can’t handle this without alcohol”. Yes, those things are definitely said in jest, but let’s be honest for a minute, are they really a joke? If you know the science behind alcoholism then you know that one drink usually leads to another, until eventually alcohol begins to dominate the pleasure center of the brain, ensuring that you enjoy it, and only it. This is nothing to joke about, but fortunately, people are beginning to catch on. Enter the Sobriety Movement; one of the hottest wellness trends of 2017.

Be Sober in 2017

In the last year, wellness influencers such as Light Watkins and Biet Simkin have been spearheading the sobriety movement, and its’ really taking off. Much of the movement is rooted in finding a solution or the lack of real, genuine connection with life and with each other. After all, you can’t find happiness if you’re not grounded in reality. Biet Simkin has stated a belief that substances disconnect us from our true selves, which means sobriety IS the way to get back to reality once and for all. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you get farther and farther away from the experience you intend to have, and a lot of questions need to be raised.

Being You

Being yourself is perhaps one of the most important things that you can do this year, and going sober will help you out considerably. You’ll be more in touch with yourself, you’ll be able to interact with your friends on a more personal basis, and you’ll even be healthier. Drop the cocktail, pick up something healthy, and talk to a friend. You’re going to feel better in no time.

The Popularity of the Movement

Considering the popularity of alcohol and drunkenness in general, it’s almost difficult for anyone to believe that the sobriety movement would gain any traction, but that is exactly what has happened. It’s taken off and at this point is seemingly unstoppable. In fact, many cities, such as LA and NYC are seeing popular establishments starting to create more exciting alcohol-free drinks. The future is interesting, and in our opinion, it’s going to be better off without the booze. So what will you be doing this year? Will you be dropping the booze and trying something a little lighter in the interest of human connection? We certainly hope so!

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