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Why Bermuda Shorts Are Trending In the Fashion World RN

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The Bermudas are like the elder, more refined sister of cycling shorts; they have the same knee-grazing hemline but have a less form-hugging design. The style is named after the country where it came from. These shorts were originally used in the 20th century as a modified uniform to combat the heat of Bermuda, an island in the North Atlantic. As hemlines climbed in the 1950s, the design was modified for women’s wear. Even after all these years, Bermuda shorts continue to be a go-to summertime staple due to their tailored appeal and the ease of wear they provide.

The whole fashion industry now considers Bermuda shorts a must-have item. The logic behind this is impeccable. The design’s adaptability and wearability make them ideal summertime clothing.

It’s no wonder that some of your favorite street style icons are revisiting the Bermuda shorts, what with the development of soft tailoring, masculine trends in womenswear, and the total embrace of baggy pants (goodbye skinny jeans). Hence invest in a pair of attractive, elegant shorts that can take you from the office to a sundowner, just like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have done this summer.

Why Bermuda Shorts Are Trending In The Fashion World RN 1
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Photo By @sssabisha/Instagram

The Denim Bermuda Shorts can and will never go out of fashion. Wear them with sneakers, an attractive open-buttoned top, and your purse, you’re ready to go out for any casual or party event.

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