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What Type of Model Are You?

Modeling is a huge field where there is room for just about everyone.
But it is a profession just like any other. You have to meet certain criteria if you don’t want to end up like a “wanna be” model. According to Wikipedia, a model is a person with a role either to promote, display or advertise commercial products or to serve as a visual aid for people who are creating works of art or to pose for photography.

While modeling on Instagram and Facebook might seem like real modeling, it is not. If you decide to pursue professional modeling, be honest with yourself and understand what type of model you can actually be.

Are you a:

  • High fashion model
  • Glamour model
  • Commercial print model
  • Plus size model
  • Fitness model
  • Body parts model

Before we take a closer look at these, remember one more thing. Think about boundaries that you are not willing to cross. For example, are you wiling to get naked which is required sometimes in fashion modeling? Are you willing to model real fur?
Or are you okay posing intimately with a male model?

Fashion Model-Although the trends in modeling seem to be changing, these standard requirements for a fashion model are still strongly expected: you have to be 5’9″ and taller, you don’t have to be a size 0, but shouldn’t go over a 4 to 6, and you are not older than 20. If you meet these basic requirements, you have a good chance at becoming a fashion model.
Fashion models are not expected to be too pretty. Rather, they are expected to be interesting and unique which works very well in the high fashion world. For the runway division, the leaner you are the better only because runway models should almost serve the purpose of a coat hanger.
In other words, the model is the coat hanger for the clothing.
Curves on the runway are distracting and take attention away from the designs. This is why the fashion world still prefers stick thin models for this type of job.

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Alina Puscau

Commercial Print Model– If you are not a fashion model you might be a commercial model. This means you’re not required to be extremely tall or very young.
Commercial print models usually appear in print or television ads and model not just clothing.
If you have a fun personality and beautiful smile, this might be the type of modeling for you.

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Scarlett Burke

Glamour Model– Some may think there are no requirements other than the ability to pose seductively for glamour models.
It is not true.
The ability to pose seductively without looking trashy or cheesy is quite a skill.
Understanding the balance between posing your face and body can be very tricky.
A glamour model should be pretty and her body should be well proportioned.
However, she doesn’t need to be tall.
Often times, glamour models become famous while runway models just get a gig.
Glamour models become famous because, as you know, sex sells. The subcategories that fall under glamour modeling are swimwear and lingerie.
Glamour models usually model themselves rather than a specific brand or product.
This type of modeling covers a large demographic and many people can be come glamour models because it appeals to both men and women. Women want to purchase swimsuits that a glamour model is wearing and men want to take the swimsuit off of her!

Plus Sized Model– Plus sized models are usually larger than a size 10.
The advantage of women with a fuller figure is they tend to have beautiful and youthful looking faces.
This is the reason why plus size models can model cosmetics and sunglasses well.

Fitness Model-Fitness modeling focuses on a toned physique, tall or short.
Fitness models don’t usually make good beauty models since the small percentage of body fat can make their face look sunken in and aged.
Fitness models mainly promote fitness supplements and workout gear.
If you’re a fitness enthusiast you might fit into this category.

Parts Model-Body parts modeling is actually a very high paying job.
A friend of mine made 6 figures a year as a hand model.
She modeled for Apple demonstrating their latest technological gadgets and we know how fast technology moves today!
Especially in today’s modern world, do not underestimate body parts modeling because a parts model’s beautiful hands will demonstrate cell phones, tablets and touch screens. Believe it or not, average hands are not necessarily photogenic.
Did you know that a parts model’s hands should be smaller than average? This makes the product you are holding appear large, therefore the customer subconsciously thinks they are getting more for their money.
Also, the nail bed must be long and not square so even with short nails, they will appear longer.

In modeling, it is rare that you fit in several different modeling categories.
You should always know your strength, recognize what type of model you can be and focus on that.
Find an agency that represents this type of category and become the best you can. Lots of times I see glamour models complaining that no one wants to hire them for fashion. The truth is they probably can’t do high fashion and will waste time in pursuing the impossible.
Anyone can take good photos. But to really land a job in the serious world of fashion, the cards may not be in your favor. So be as honest as you can with yourself and remember being a model doesn’t validate your beauty.
It might seem very cool and for the most part it is, but modeling is a job just like anything else.
remember, to be successful in the competitive world of modeling you have to meet specific qualifications just like in any other occupation.

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