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What is a Hat Band and Do You Need One?

Hats are a huge part of the wardrobe of a great number of people. Hats can be worn as a fashion statement, to complete an outfit, or as a means of making sure that you are protected from the weather. While there are a ton of different types of hats out there, hatbands are an accessory that only works for a few different types of hats. So, what are hat bands, what are they used for, and do you need to add some of these accessories to your wardrobe or collection? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Hat Band?

Hatbands are pieces of fabric that are fastened around a hat just above the brim. The hatband can be traced all the way back to the monumental death of Prince Albert in 1861. The hatband was originally a thick piece of black fabric that was placed on the hat of a man to signify mourning. They were used to show that the country was in mourning for their prince. As the years went on, the hatband lost the main association with Prince Albert and his passing and they became somewhat of a fashion statement.

These decorative bands can be made of just about any material that you can think of. They can be fashioned to not be removed from the hat or they can be a removable piece that you can swap out depending on your outfit and what you want to wear. Hatbands can be made of leather, cotton, cloth, silk, they can be braided and so much more. There is really no limit to what this little piece can do for you, your wardrobe, and your favorite hat.

What are Hat Bands Used For?

Hatbands are most often used to help make sure that the hat keeps its shape and its overall fit. Since the band is secured around the crown of the hat, it helps the hat to conform to the head of the person wearing it a little better. The exterior band is not the same thing as the interior sweatband. The band on the inside of the hat is meant to help collect sweat if you are sweating while wearing your hat rather than affect the fit or the overall look of the hat in question.

Most hat bands are going to be great for embellishing your hat and giving it a bit of interest that it may not have had otherwise. These bands can be bought separately from hats and can be added to nearly any hat that you would want to wear. Most often, this type of accessory is going to be added to bowler hats, fedoras and even cowboy hats. They can truly be added to any hat that you wear on your head if that is how you want to wear them.

Styles of Hat Band

There are plenty of different styles when it comes to a hatband. The most common are those that are made of silk or some other ornamental material and that is about an inch and a half wide. These are often added to things like top hats, Panama hats, and other hats that have brim and that are worn at fashionable events. With cowboy hats, you might see braided leather hat bands that are embellished with buckles, feathers, and other items that help the hat look more authentic or rustic.

With fedoras and Panama hats, a single band that is wider and that is made of a material like silk is more common as it is sleek and does stay close to the crown of the hat. Hatbands can be a great way to express yourself. You can get tons of different colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes that can be matched to the outfit that you are wearing or to interests that you might have. A great hatband can take a plain and simple hat and make it something unique and different, something you will love to wear and to talk about.

You can find great hat bands that are custom made to fit your head and your hat and that will also help your hat fit your head better, you just have to know where to look. Many hat shops will make hatbands specifically for you and for your hat and head size so that you can ensure they are going to look great and fit great as well. This is an accessory that can make one hat seem like many and that can truly help you personalize and customize the hats that you love wearing without having to get an entirely new piece or without having to change the hats that are already part of your collection.

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