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SEXIEST Issue 2017: Editor’s Letter

& VIVA GLAM Magazine Swimwear Award 2017

Beach Season is our favorite time of year and with it comes the sun’s beautiful, warm rays, begging us to take off our clothes and bare arms, legs, and midriffs. We get early sunrises and late sunsets, more wildlife coming out all around us, and the overwhelming sense of rejuvenation and new life. In the springtime, everything is in bloom, bringing a great multitude of colors to nature’s palette. It is almost impossible not to feel brighter, happier, and in the mood for fun!

Our Sexiest Issue is designed to bring you spring and summertime beauty, luxurious vacation and retreat spots, the season’s hottest swimwear brands, and the Top 20 sexiest models of the year.

We traveled to Anguilla, Hawaii, Cabo, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Marina Del Rey, California. We voyaged, wrestled the wilderness, swam oceans, hiked mountains, and sailed on a yacht to get these shots. As always, it was great fun and we enjoyed every minute!

When we chose The Top 20 Sexiest Models of 2017, we consider more than just looks. The models must be positive minded, friendly, compassionate, easy to work with, and of course, it helps if they are vegan. Each of these beauties are established in their careers, but they may still qualify as new faces to you – and we love giving recognition to professional models who deserve it.

We have gathered the most desirable and wonderfully fun, flirty designs of 2017. We found this year’s colorful and feminine suits particularly inspiring, and there was no shortage of great swimwear lines to choose from. Some of the brands have been around for a while, while others are just launching.

For our 2017 VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE Swimwear Award, we chose Maaji Swimwear. Not only do we love their cuts, prints, and colors, but they speak to the same beautifully authentic, playful, and whimsical side of femininity that we appreciate so much.

Maaji blew us away with their Earth Warriors Project, where they are “Planting an Ocean of Trees” as their way of giving back to the planet. They work hard to preserve our oceans and seas, create beach clean-ups, and plant trees, which “have been an endless source of inspiration for [their] collections.”

Maaji’s forest now has 90,000 trees and is still growing. To find out more about this project, or to become an Earth Warrior.

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Maaji Swimwear wins VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE’s 2017 Swimwear Award

You can find the digital version of VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE’s 2016 Sexiest Issue

via the Issuu
magazine reader app, Issuu/ VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE

Now, Meet the Top 20 Sexiest models of 2017!

Cover Model, Agata Zia

Originally from Poland, Agata’s dream from childhood was to come to America. She believes in never giving up on your dreams, and now she is modeling in the U.S. Her fairytale has come true.
Being a part of VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE is very special to her- and us!

Top 20 Sexiest-2017-Agata-Zia-Maaji-Swim-Korakia-pool-Feature, Photographer Deja Jordan Makeup Hair Katarina Van Derham
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Maaji Swimwear

To see Agata’s 2017 SEXIEST Issue spread click HERE.

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